I spoke to Jimmy White yesterday after he was disqualified from a match in the IPT World 8 Ball Pool Championship in Reno, Nevada because his tip did not meet the requirements laid out by the organisers.

Jimmy was using a phonelic tip on his break cue. At the players meeting before the tournament it was stated that players must only use leather tips.

However, Jimmy was delayed in Los Angeles and so couldn't attend. Therefore, his mistake was an innocent one.

It didn't make much difference in the end as he lost all his other matches in any case.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's last minute withdrawal is reportedly because he was suffering from an ear infection and was advised not to fly.

At the time of writing, Tony Drago was still going strong, as was Quinten Hann, banned from snooker for agreeing to throw a match for £50,000.

What a two fingers up to snooker it would be if he won the title.


Anonymous said...

Nice to visit here. Realli happy to have found this place, it gives me alot of info. that I can't read from the media.But it seems a pity that I can't buy this snooker magazine. It's rare.btw,I'm from China.
Nice to meet you again. It's realli a funny ending sentence of the article.

Dave H said...

Thank you for your comments.

Both Tony Drago and Quinten Hann are now out of the pool. Hann said he 'played like a cripple' which shows his gift for diplomacy remains intact.