John Parrott has achieved more than most snooker players can dream of.

A world champion, UK champion, winner of nine ranking events and for 14 years a member of the elite top 16: he's undoubtedly one of the sport's all time greats.

These days, at 42 and outside the top 32 in the world rankings, he's fully aware that he is no longer the force he was.

Pride, though, plays its part in such a successful sporting career and so Parrott was understandably delighted to have secured a 23rd appearance at the Crucible in his 24 years on the circuit after coming from 6-3 down to beat David Gray 10-7 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield on Monday.

“It’s great to be going back to the Crucible. It’s the home of Snooker and you really miss it if you’re not part of it," he said.

"I was clearing up in the last frame and missed a straight green because in my head I was saying, ‘you’re going back to the Crucible.’ Luckily he didn’t clear up.

“I had to fall over the line in the end. I kept getting chances and not putting them away but that’s because of the prize of being in the draw.

"I'm not going to be world champion again. I'm not like Steve Davis - he's just a freak. What he's doing is unbelievable.

"But's it great to be part of it."


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Firstly, may I congratulate Ronnie O'Sullivan on his Killkenny Masters victory at the weekend. If there is another tournament (invitational/world ranking?) in 2008, it will mean O'Sullivan will go into it unbeaten in that particular part of the world for 3 years.

Also, any more news into the 147 car insurance cock-up? Why give O'Sullivan £1,350. It doesn't make sense other than a futile gesture. Apart from that, the tournament seems to have been a great one.

At the World Qualifiers it is great news to see Parrott qualify, whereby he could face his BBC team-mate, Steve Davis.

Ricky Walden losing, though, was a great missed chance. I thought Higginson would've been a tester, which it was. But it looks like he hardly put up a fight against Selby.

Anyhow, am hoping Trump and McLeod make it over the next few days. Looking forward to seeing Mark Allen play as well.

Any news on Joe Delaney's win over McManus. Have you seen him play on the tour?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I watched some of Delaney's win over McManus and was very impressed. Well done to him, he's worked hard for it.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Delaney won't have to work in his family upholstery business for a few weeks! I didn't know he was 34 - i've never heard of him. I take it he could be one of the lowest ranked players in Sheffield - at 54 in the rankings.

McManus must be distraught. Having made the trip since 1991 to the Crucible. No getting away from it -Snooker qualifying is getting harder and harder...

Ding has made it at last!

Firing in two century breaks to finish the match of. He looked shaky early on. Did he play well, overall?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

He may play like a dreadful nodding horse on the day (and did so)