The scenes outside Beijing's University Students Gymnasium today resembled Oscar night as the red carpet was rolled out for snooker's great and good ahead of the China Open.

The popularity of the game in China seems to be growing all the time, as witnessed by the extraordinary reaction as players walked the short distance from car to venue.

Hundreds of fans cheered as photographers scrambled to take pictures.

There are photos on worldsnooker.com here: http://www.worldsnooker.com/interactive_photo_gallery.htm


Anonymous said...


I looked at those pictures and it got me thinking - why can't the WSA set something similar up for the World Championship? It would be pointless doing it on a wet weekday in Wales, but why not for the most prestigious tournament in Snooker. It looks great...

If the fans are so fanatical in China, why do i see so many empty seats on the main match table? Surely fans want to see the players they adore...? How do ticket prices compare to Britain?

Can you elaborate on the 'personal reasons'why Stephen Lee pulled out?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

Not sure why Lee pulled out but I notice he hasn't been given any ranking points, which rules out illness

Dave H said...

It transpires now that Lee will get his 700 loser's points if his reason for withdrawal is accepted