Ian Doyle, the long time manager of Stephen Hendry and head of 110sport, has announced his retirement.

Doyle has handed over the reins to his son, Lee, who now sits on the WPBSA board his dad spent so many years fighting.

"I think I have done everything I wanted to do and it's time to hang up my boxing gloves," he said.

"I have been taking a back seat for a wee while now and while I will remain as a consultant in relation to certain sponsorship deals, Lee will be responsible for the day-to-day running as chief executive."

Doyle has been an at times controversial figure, having fallen out several times with the WPBSA because of his criticisms of how snooker has been run.

In 2000, his management group attempted to launch a rival tour and later took the WPBSA to court to challenge its monopoly position.

He could always be counted on to give the press some interesting quotes and doubtless had a positive effect on Hendry, firing him up when needed and taking care of his off-table affairs.

"There have been difficult times for the sport, there is no question of that, and the game has been mismanaged," Doyle said.

"But snooker remains hugely popular, the TV viewing figures continue to be very high and there is a lot to look forward to, especially when you see how the game is progressing in countries such as China.

"I take a lot of satisfaction over what I have contributed and being part of what Stephen has achieved has been an unbelievable pleasure."


Anonymous said...

I'd like to wish Ian a long and happy retirement.

Despite upsetting the "Establishment" on numerous occasions, he shot from the hip and kept everyone on their toes.

And it certainly shouldn't be forgotten the huge part he played in the development of Stephen Hendry's career.

If he'd been able to, I'm sure he would have actually been out there potting the balls instead of Stephen!

...and of course the major contribution he made over the years to the profits of the Mobile phone operators!!

CJW said...

Yes, hear, hear!

Good luck, Mr Doyle!