Ronnie O'Sullivan did not seem keen to say too much at today's post match press conference - and I can't say that I blame him.

As we all know, he has, in the past, said all sorts of things in such a setting, but preferred to let his snooker speak for itself as he brushed past Ding Jun Hui 10-2 in the first round of the 888.com World Championship.

Ronnie is clearly in useful form at the Crucible and will take some stopping as he looks for a third crown.

He answered questions but didn't want to say anything that might be misconstrued and become a big deal.

That suggests he's thinking clearly, something ominous for the rest of the field.


Anonymous said...


He didn't want to give anything away either to the BBC in his post match interview.

But his terse responses were a lot more relaxed rather than agitated. He didn't want to respond about his work with Frank Callan(?) but enjoyed his 'shopkeeper' like winning performance this afternoon.

Judd Trump has been having a few practice sessions with Mr O'Sullivan. It may explain his superb performance so far against Shaun Murphy.

Thanks, Joe

andy said...

Hi All!

Ronnie certainly looked focused and in good form against Ding. I was really disappointed with Ding's performance though. The last 2 or 3 times his matches have been on TV, he's looked like he wanted to get out of the arena!

If Ronnie wasn't the favorite before then he has to be now. I'm surprised we lost Doherty today though. What I saw of Mark Allen yesterday (missed the final session today due to real work!), it looks like he fully deserved his victory.

As for Ronnie, ...well he's too unpredictable but I certainly wish him well, and he's still without doubt the best player on the planet to watch.


Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

I think it might help O'Sullivan stay focussed that he has potentially difficult opponents all the way to the final, Neil Robertson has already had the better of him a couple of times recently for starters.