Joe Johnson, the 1986 world champion, as appealing for anyone with footage of his greatest moment to come forward - after his kids wiped the tape of his 18-12 victory over Steve Davis.

Johnson, his wife, Terryl, and some friends decided to watch the video recently. He said: “I put the tape in and we found ourselves watching He Man - Master of the Universe.

“I would really like to have it again. I wouldn't know how to get hold of one, though.

“Two of my sons, Jonathan and Daniel, were only seven and five when it happened, so they wouldn’t have known. It’s just one of those things, but it was terrible to lose it.

“I really would love to have a copy. The tape contained highlights of the whole tournament.”

Johnson was a 150-1 outsider when he beat Davis to win the title. He finished runner-up to Davis a year later.

Anyone who can help should leave a comment here and I'll get in touch.


Anonymous said...


Here is a link - cut and paste it


Unfortunately, it is only the last frame that is up on YouTube.

I suggest, he speaks to someone at Transworld Sport or IMG who (both have websites for contact numbers, et al) produce the coverage for BBC Snooker. They will have hundreds of games in stock and, hopefully, his title-winning match.

Good luck, thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...


Something similar was bought on ebay here by user djackson147. When loggin into eBay you can contact this user directly (link on the left hand side of the page). Under the circumstances, the buyer might sell the DVD to Joe or do him a (legal) copy.

Best of luck!