Mark Selby tells me he will defend his World 8-ball Pool title in Blackpool next month.

He can expect plenty of attention. Indeed, his profile has grown almosty overnight following his run to the final of the 888.com World Championship last month.

Mark said that in Poland last week he was inundated for autograph requests. He has also been undertaking exhibitions and making personal appearances here in the UK.

One bit of bad news though - he's been given footage of his Crucible matches on VHS but does not possess a video recorder so will need to find a way of transferring them to DVD.


Anonymous said...


Is this tournament going to be on Sky?

As they are showing the Pool Championships.

Years of hard work has paid off for Selby. Good luck to him...

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...


You may not remember me but in last year's Grand Prix qualifiers I was one of the referees woh had been asked to officiate. Anyway, my name is Jurgen and I would just like to mention that if Mark should desire to have the entire Final on DVD, all he has to do is contact me since I've recorded every single World Championship final since 2004, and thus also this year's

Only thing would be for us to get into contact ;)

Cheers, keep up the blog, and good luck this season!


Dave H said...

Joe - I think Sky are showing the latter stages

Jurgen - thank you, I'll let Mark know

Anonymous said...

Mark and technic...his computer will burn down his house too...