Johan Oomen has resigned as a WPBSA referee with immediate effect.

He officiated at the Shanghai Masters in August but has now put away his white gloves for good.

This is a shame as Johan had become established as one of the game's leading refs.

Over the last few years, several top referees have left the scene. Colin Brinded sadly passed away in 2005 while Lawrie Annandale, Paul Collier and Stuart Bennett all quit because of the meagre financial rewards for this very important job.

Veteran refs John Williams, Len Ganley and John Street have also disappeared from the circuit over the last decade.

All this leaves Jan Verhaas and Eirian Williams as the top two refs, with Michaela Tabb, Alan Chamberlain, Pete Williamson, Terry Camilleri and Colin Humphries making up the 'A-Team'.

It's a very, very hard job at times and needs superior concentration as well as a steely nerve.

That so many refs have got fed up in recent times suggests they are not being treated as they should.


andy said...

That is an unbelievable shame!!! I'd certainly put Johan up there with the best as well. He was excellent when having to replace the balls in a miss situation. He always takes 2 reference points that cross each other and was just about spot on when replacing the white every time, ...unlike some other refs out there. Although I agree, it's a tough old job! Also knew him from when he refereed the Swiss Open. Great character.

Anonymous said...

Dave (and other readers),

I know Johan personally and I agree with the previous writer in that he is up there with the best. I'll definitely try to keep in touch with him and I doubt he'll be completely lost for the snooker scene.

As a referee myself, I'm doing my best to follow in Jan and Johan's footsteps, however difficult that may be.

Once again, shame to see you leave Johan but good luck in your new job.


Anonymous said...

Never met him, but as a referee also, had the greatest respect for him. He will be sorely missed.



LittleMissAlexa said...

a user on thesnookerforum is asking for the reason which isnt explained here does anyone actually know