Firstly, apologies that this feature did not appear last week, but I was observing the religious festival of…er…OK I forgot.

Not every governing body has its own website. None has a better one than the Republic of Ireland Billiards and Snooker Association.

www.ribsa.net is precisely what a national association’s site should be like. What people logging on to such corners of the web want is information that is constantly updated. In this regard, RIBSA are ahead of everyone else because they update their tournaments, rankings and calendar constantly.

Their news pages are easily to read and the results are split into the various age sections, ensuring it is easy to find what you’re looking for.

There is a comprehensive links section giving details of snooker clubs in each county of Ireland – invaluable for anyone starting out or just looking for somewhere to play.

Also useful is a list of Irish coaches and downloadable technical guides from coach P.J. Nolan.

On the first page there is even a woman imparting (albeit in a disconcerting American accent) the latest Irish snooker news.

There is also ‘RIBSA TV’ which makes various frames from Irish events available to view.

It’s all very neat and is the sort of site governing bodies should aspire to replicate if they expect their various events to gain any publicity.

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