What do the following have on common? – Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry, Ray Reardon, Terry Griffiths, Jimmy White, John Parrott and Mark Williams.

It’s not just that they have all been great players but that they have all received honours from the Queen.

Missing is John Higgins, who is surely due one after his second Crucible triumph, and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Ronnie’s colourful off table life probably precludes him from receiving one in the eyes of many but why should it?

He has, more than anyone playing the game today, sustained the popularity of a sport that has been a huge favourite with television viewers for more than three decades.

Furthermore, his great natural style of play has created many new snooker fans around Europe who are seeing the game for the first time on Eurosport.

Ronnie is also one of British sport’s leading characters and most sublimely talented exponents.

Add in his considerable on table achievements and, even if you believe that the Honours system is highly questionable in many regards, he deserves recognition from his country.


Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear!

Ronnie deserves an MBE at least.

Anonymous said...

He's a great player, obviously. But previous controversy over drugs, assaulting officials and walking out of tournaments? I'm not sure it would be fitting.

Anonymous said...

Would he even bother to turn up?

Maybe if he followed through with one of his tiresome threats to retire, I'd have more respect for him. Don't talk about it Ronnie, do it. In fact, he'd really go down in snooker history if he retired, then came back in 5 or 6 years, and won a ranking event. Let's face it, his ability suggests he's capable of such an unprecedented feat. However, his constant attention-seeking suggests he hasn't got the balls to carry out his "retirement" threats.

Anonymous said...

would rather give my mother in law a kiss than see the rudest man in snooker get an award.