Mark Selby's capture of the Saga Insurance Masters was thoroughly deserved.

He played his best snooker when it mattered most: amid the intense pressure of a major final in one of the game's most intimidating arenas.

At just 24, Selby has served notice he will be around for a long time to come. His Wembley title victory is surely the first of many.

His cheerfulness and desire to entertain, allied to a great talent, is reminiscent of the late Paul Hunter, who won the Masters three times in four years from 2001 to 2004.

Hunter helped to raise snooker's profile through his force of personality. Selby - known as the 'Jester from Leicester' has the potential to do the same.

Good luck to him. Snooker has a new star.


andy said...

I agree, I thought he was excellent in the second session. And 4 centuries with the one in the final frame equaling Doherty's highest break, not bad at all.


Anonymous said...


A highly convincing victory by Selby, was richly deserved. 4 centuries proved the point and, even if he did have a run of the ball, it wasn't as if he needed it!

The magic word 'consistency' will be echoing now around his team. He will be in with a shot at the World Championship, but only after we see how he performs at the Welsh/China Opens. Definitely ahead of Maguire, Murphy, Ding and Robertson at the moment. Only time will tell...(Did you manage to grab Kasabian for an interview? In good form on final day.)

A fantastic week for Stephen Lee, must only fuel his confidence now for the run-in to try to stay in the top 16. He mentioned he was a pal of Paul Hunter's. Was he close to him? By the way, was there any caution by the WBPSA forced on Lee after an alledge drug occurance last season, Dave? Also, how does the Snooker authority carry out drug testing at events if they do at all? Is it similar to football? And has there been one lately?

Michaela Tabb had a fantastic second final. She need not worry that another female referee will beat her to a World Final. Although, you pointed out in a past post, of younger European female referees on the circuit. Am sure we will see them at the World Series event in June.

By the way, with Michaela on the books of John Higgins management company, does that mean it would be a conflict of interest to referee his matches?

Thanks, Joe