In a victory for free speech, Graeme Dott has escaped any punishment for comments he made about Ian McCulloch in newspaper interviews last August.

The case against him (see post below) collapsed today after his lawyer produced evidence of previous instances in which players have made similar comments about their fellow competitors and no action had been taken.

Good on Dotty for standing up for himself. His original comments were, perhaps, ill advised but he refused to be intimidated by the prospect of disciplinary action and has set a precedent that should now put an end to players being threatened for speaking their minds.


Anonymous said...

Hi, will the WC qualifiers at the EIS in Sheffield be held again in the same part as last year?

Just asking cause I tried to get tickets to the Masters qualifiers and couldnt because there was only a very limited amount available.

Anonymous said...

The final qualifying round for the world is at the institute for sport but I haven't got a clue how to get tickets.

Fair play to Dott by the way.

World Snooker are behaving like stalinist geeks when it comes to denying free speech on certain occasions and players rights to show off their logos.

The players should vote them out if you ask me.