This blog is more influential than I'd imagined.

Further to my post about the Grand Prix, World Snooker have now decided to name the tournaments the BBC are showing. This includes the Grand Prix - so it looks like it will be taking place after all.

It has been suggested to me that they only posted their skeletal calendar because I had already posted one, which was based on information given to me by a very well known player.

Nice to know they're reading, anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think, the whole world is reading thies great blog.

Thanks for your engagement.


Anonymous said...

That's true Christian.

This blog is THE place to be aware of what happens in Snooker.

Thanks for all, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's great stuff, I check every day.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, this blog is the source of many news and discussions over at thesnookerforum.com, of which you even might a member?

Anonymous said...

doh! of which you might even be a member?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he is, he has introduced TSF in of the the early blog

Dave H said...

Thank you for all the kind comments

I read TSF but don't contribute - I prefer to do so here

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info. Any idea what the venue will be? Being an overseas snookerfan always have to book flights in advance (cheaper)