Ronnie O'Sullivan has always been a person of extreme highs and lows and last night savoured one of the all time highs of his extraordinary life.

OK, so it was a poor final. There was little drama and for long periods the snooker was of low quality.

Had O'Sullivan gone 17-6 up the players would have been brought off just so that there could be some snooker in the evening.

But despite all this, it was still a great night. O'Sullivan is a sportsman, indeed a person, who defies convention.

He's done things to make himself unpopular but he's also created a large store of wonderful memories for those who follow snooker.

All the Crucible spectators who saw his 147 up close can tell everyone they know that they were there.

I was pleased to see that Ronnie was genuinely happy with winning again because he won't have enjoyed the match.

He won't retire, regardless of what he says. Yes, snooker and the pursuit of perfection continues to torture him but it's in his blood and he needs it as much as the game needs him.

There will doubtless be more lows but also many more highs in this most remarkable career.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I wouldn't say that it was a poor final.

Yes, both players didn't make so many big breaks as they did earlier in the tournament, but they both produced some massive safety shots, and Ronnie had a high level long-pot success that he hasn't had previously.

In addition, a few bad kicks stopped him when he was in the balls, so the scoreline could have been worst for Ali.

So for me the final was quite entertaining, even if it has not been the best match of the WSC.

Moreover I agree with you about Ronnie's retirement : I think he won't retire, except if he is severely punished for his behavior in China. In that case, he may choose to quit.
And my guess is : that would be a disaster for snooker.

Fred ...from France

Anonymous said...

It's true. The final eas not such a big show as everyone expected. But we must admit that, during this Chapionship Ronnie showed the world what he can do. He has a true talent. And he has the game in his blood so i agree with both of you. He won't retire. He can't. This is his life in a way.

PS. It's ok with you if I add the link from your blog in my Blogroll? I wouldn't want to do this without your approval.

Dave H said...

Anca, please feel free

Good to know we have readers in Romania