Absolutely bizarre.

Peter Ebdon has just responded to Jamie Cope fluking a snooker on the yellow in the deciding frame of their match at the Royal London Watches Grand Prix by lying on the floor.

Ebdon had successfully laid the two snookers he needed and laid another before Cope hit the yellow, which ran behind the blue.

When Ebdon eventually got back up he left the yellow on and has been beaten 5-4.

I'm not absolutely sure but I'm pretty certain the late Joe Davis never behaved like this.


Anonymous said...

That was quite amusing.
A fluke was the only way Cope was going to win after completely losing "it" after Ebdon got the snookers he required.
Unless Cope matures as a player he will never seriously challenge for titles.This would be a shame as he is exciting to watch and has most of the attributes required.

Anonymous said...

The crowd seemed to enjoy Peter Ebdon reacting like that. I suppose someone will complain his reaction was 'unprofessional' and in the next breath moan how their are no 'personalities' in the game.
John H

Matt@PSB said...

What intrigued me was after frame four, Ebdon approached the referee and questioned something, saying that a shot did not appear to be "visually correct" and that he wanted to see a television replay. Annoyingly the ref turned the mic off at this point.

I'm not sure what that was all about?

Anonymous said...

Peter also seemed to ask if Jamie had played a push shot during the match. Peter has always had an unusual temperament - so intense that it's hard to see how he doesn't put himself off, but I don't think it's fair for him to put his opponent off by behaving eccentrically.

Anonymous said...

^^ He probably asked about the colour. Ebdo is colour-blind...

Dave, any idea about the mstch schedule in the quarter-finals, I mean when will each player play?


Matt@PSB said...

Davis and O'Sullivan's matches are in the afternoon, Higgins and Day in the evening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Isn't it a bit weird to schedule the world No 1's matches in the afternoon session??

Wolfgang said...

I think Ebdon shouldn't be judged too harsh here. Imagine the frustration in that situation. It was either that or beating the cue to a pulp. ;)

What amazed me, was Jamie Cope's tactical performance. If I remember correctly it was in frame 3 when he beat Peter at his very own ground with snookers rather than firing at anything that somehow points to a pocket. I hope he evolves even more in that area since everything else, be it talent or courage, is there.

cjw said...

Of course he shouldn't be judged harsh. It was a mock-melodramatic reaction the audience really enjoyed. Frustration but also a bit of (bitter!) humour. I didn't like Peter Ebdon'a attitude in WSA's absurd war against Clive Everton but that is a completely different chapter, isn't it?!... ;)

Anonymous said...

Allow me to make 1 or 2 observations here as well.

Though I love watching the likes of O'Sullivan and Cope quick fire tons in, I also really like the tactical side of the game, as I'm sure most others.

What strikes me is the "maturing" that ALL players go through. When Hendry came on the scene and played in the 1987 World Champs he played very attackingly, fluently, and somewhat like White and O'Sullivan. Same for even White himself and noticably Ronnie.

All great players seem to have gone through a phase like this. Potting balls is what the game's all about, but it's hard to pot a ball if you're tight on the baulk cushion every time you come to the table.

After some time (and with some players this is longer than with others) they ALL learn that safety and tactical play is a major factor in snooker.

Simply compare Ronnie's playing style as it is now with that of when he was 20. Back then he didn't even know the word "safety", or was at least extremely reluctant to play safe.

I think and hope the same will happen to Jamie. If you hit your head against the door often enough, eventually you'll learn to open it before entering.

Does this mean he should stop his exciting playing style? FAR from it...it just needs to mature and be completed to the allround style that is needed to win tournaments.


Anonymous said...

He should receive a fine or a ban. He's turned snooker in to a laughing stock

Anonymous said...

Ebdon is a man under pressure and no wonder - the betting allegations against him, true or false, must be of concern and are, I think, causing him to behave strangely

Newfred said...

Receive a fine or a ban! What the hell planet are you on, Anonymous?

In wider society we don't throw someone in jail every time anyone does something wrong. For sure, this behaviour from Ebdom was a bit off, but when he wakes up this morning the embarrassment will be its own punishment.

As for turning snooker into a laughing stock, I don't think so. I found it entertaining.