Paul Hunter died two years ago today.

Snooker still misses him badly. It’s no exaggeration to say that he was one of the best things about our sport.

I was at Wembley for his three Masters triumphs and backstage where his natural graciousness in either victory or defeat was much in evidence.

I well remember his semi-final defeat to Ken Doherty at the Crucible in 2003 when his disappointment was tinged with the knowledge, sadly misplaced, that he had many more chances to win the game’s greatest prize.

And I remember being at the 2005 Irish Masters when Paul told the press that he had been feeling unwell because of a stomach complaint that doctors could not diagnose.

Nobody could have possibly imagined then what was to tragically unfold.


G said...

Thanks Dave

Gone, but certainly not forgotten, and much missed.


Anonymous said...

Good article, still missed by many and will never be forgotten
RIP Paul

daz said...

R.I.P. Paul Hunter top player top man.

Matt@PSB said...

Can't believe that it is two years already :(

face_in_the_crowd said...

desperately sad and his charisma is hugely missed by the game.

lovely picture though, RIP son