This tumultuous day for snooker continues...

The Gambling Commission say they will not be taking further action over betting irregularities surrounding the Liang Wenbo v Peter Ebdon match at last season's Northern Ireland Trophy.

Liang won 5-0, a scoreline that had been heavily backed. The Gambling Commission began their investigation following discussions with bookmakers.

A WPBSA statement said: "The WPBSA is pleased that after a lengthy and thorough investigation by the Commission, both players have been absolved from any allegation of involvement in irregular betting matters and can concentrate on the new season ahead without further media speculation that has surrounded this issue.

"Based on the decision reached by the Gambling Commission, the WPBSA will be taking no action."

No suspicion was ever attached to Liang. Ebdon will obviously be relieved that his name has been cleared.

The timing of this announcement on the day snooker is facing questions over its integrity appears to be a coincidence, if you believe in coincidences.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

No surprise that they finally decided to release this after the other story.

But, call me cynical, but the snooker officials always release the results in the summer, when they know its not going to get any media (saying that, BBC News24 covered it.)

I seemed to remember O'Sullivan being stripped of his Irish Masters title in 1998 because of an offence. When did they release the result: June. When did it take place: March!

A good day to bury bad news

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Coincidence? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

As Joe says, excellent day to hide a pile of stinky stuff under another pile of stinky stuff

Anonymous said...

Completely disingenuous statement from WPBSA - Ebdon was not absolved of allegations, merely that in the opinion of the GC it would be difficult to secure a conviction given the lack of video evidence. WPBSA should release the match report of the referee, to see if it concurs with their rose-tinted view of events

Anonymous said...

The sums of money involved were relatively minor. Had there been larger sums involved, the WPBSA would have been told about the betting patterns in advance - and maybe even Snooker Scene would have sent somebody to watch the match!

Anonymous said...

In reply to the above:
1. the sums of money allegedly involved were far greater than those in the Maguire-Burnett match
2. World Snooker did know about is in advance
3. Those who saw the game have been interviewed by World Snooker
4. Let World Snooker release the match report of the referee - then we can draw our own conclusions from an impartial observer.

Anonymous said...

who was the referee?

also, why is this site so quiet?

Anonymous said...

Chamberlain reffed the Ebdon/Liang match.

Anonymous said...

From 7.32pm

The sums of money wagered were not greater - the actual odds of winning were higher, eg 28/1, 25/1 downwards as opposed to 5/1 in the Maguire match.

Who actually are these people who saw the game and were interviewed? Snooker Scene did not have a reporter watching it - so apart from the referee, the 2 players and a few supporters - who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

why is the site so quiet now?

Dave H said...

If you mean why aren't there more posts, the reason is because I have other things to do beside maintain this blog

Anonymous said...

it wasnt a dig!

asking as the posts are well down and was hoping all was well, and also the comments on what is here seem to have dropped considerably too.

Dave H said...

The posts are up. There have been just 16 fewer this year than there were for the whole of 2008.

Most comments in the last week have been libellous, or at least potentially libellous.

Anonymous said...

in the last 10 days theres been very few topic posts, the majority being on one day.

that coupled with very few comments led me to ask the question(s).

quite a few people have mentioned it on other snooker forums, via PM and in chatrooms, and ive had 2 emails asking about it, so, rather than speculate, i asked.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
There was never any doubt that the Ebdon case would be thrown out, in fact he may be in line for snookers next gong.
Peter being an ex-board member must know where some bodies are buried and Betfred would have probable given odds of:-1/20 on this very result or as high as:-1/147 seeing it as a sporting snooker bet.

The other two lads will get off any punishment as well, though they may be cautioned as to future conduct. An assurance will be required that no further questions will be asked on this pantomime merry go round. Mr hey you
PS I’m not holding my breath Dave. DM