Ronnie O'Sullivan endured mixed fortunes as he made his debut as a motor racing driver.

O'Sullivan was at Silverstone this weekend racing in the VW Cup. He qualified at the back of the grid for the first race but spun off into a gravel trap, which he described as "a novice mistake."

He fared better in the second race, finishing 14th, which was creditable considering this was his first taste of action.

"At least I got a whole race in. It was a good experience, I enjoyed it very much and now I'm looking forward to having another crack at Brands Hatch next month," O'Sullivan said.


Anonymous said...

i hope he chucks snooker and puts himself on motor racing fans instead.

Anonymous said...

it is quite possible that he will leave snooker for good... it seems that he's falling in love with racing so... it sure will be the biggest loss this sport has suffered ever! Hope that doesn't happen!!!

Anonymous said...

i think snooker would flourish without him.

i see it as a circus losing a very good clown who is taking away from all the other good acts in the circus by always being the centre of attention and being more than a little bit naughty on the way.

to me, thats not snooker. whatever floats yer boat.

Claus Christensen said...

No, Ronnie is not snooker. We need people who can make maximums, win multiple world championships, entertain and showcase true talent.

Oh wait.....

Anonymous said...

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