After a pretty calamitous start to the season, Michael Holt produced a superb performance in Prague to win the final European Players Tour Championship title of the campaign.

Holt led John Higgins 2-0 and 66-0 but lost that third frame and fell 3-2 adrift.

For his followers this looked like a familiar story and a Higgins victory was surely the only result.

But Holt dug in, won the sixth frame and easily secured the decider to win 4-3 and play his way into the PTC grand finals in Dublin next March.

Holt has recently endured a difficult time off the table due to illness in his family. His father suffered a stroke two months ago.

Who knows why players suddenly find form? Perhaps his personal situation is unrelated to his success but maybe getting back to playing snooker was a release from what is happening off table.

He said he would try and win the title for his dad and that’s what he’s done.

And he certainly did it the hard way, beating top 16 players Stephen Maguire, Jamie Cope, Mark Selby, Shaun Murphy and Higgins.

Holt has always been a great talent but has lacked inner belief and there have been well documented times when pressure has caused him to let himself down.

But he has done himself proud tonight. This is a massive confidence boost that could turn his entire season around.

I’m delighted for him. You couldn’t meet a friendlier snooker player and, after all the knocks and disappointments, he deserves to enjoy this victory.

And his family will be very proud of him too.


Betty Logan said...

One of the few "big personalities" in the game, although he's been his own greatest opponent over the years. Shows what a good event the PTC is, since it's unlikely Holt will ever win a full ranker but a player as good as he is should win something in his career. I think the EPTCs count a little bit more than the PTCs as well since they have proper names and have audiences.

TazMania said...

Maybe make some of the PTC's into IPTC (International PTC) maybe hold one in thailand, russia, and australia. Hold the other three ptc in sheffield, prestytn and glouster. That way players dont buy a house in sheffield for 6 months a year?

Anonymous said...

Who are the 24 players who have made the Finals then ?

Betty Logan said...


Anonymous said...

not confirmed but i think its these

1 Shaun Murphy
2 Mark Selby
3 Barry Pinches
4 Marcus Campbell
5 Judd Trump
6 Mark Williams
7 Dominic Dale
8 Stephen Lee
9 Tom Ford
10 Stephen Maguire
11 Michael Holt
12 Liang Wenbo
13 Martin Gould
14 Ricky Walden
15 Marco Fu
16 Anthony Hamilton
17 Stuart Bingham
18 Jamie Jones
19 Jack Lisowski
20 Andrew Higginson
21 Mark Davis
22 Matthew Stevens
23 Gerard Greene
24 Joe Jogia

Matt said...

That looks right to me, top 26 minus Ding and Higgins.

Anonymous said...

I knew Higgins had peaked too soon

Anonymous said...

Well done Michael! I remember reading articles about him here and there in previous years, being close to success but then slipping down again.

It is also a relief to see John Higgins continue to fight his way back. These miniature tournaments have turned out to be a golden opportunity for him as well.