Here are the answers to this week's quiz...

1) Steady Eddie's highest ranking was third

2) Warren King appeared in the 1990 Mercantile Classic final

3) Five Australians have played at the Crucible - Eddie Charlton, John Campbell, Warren King, Quinten Hann and Neil Robertson

4) Hann lost to Peter Ebdon in the 2004 Irish Masters semi-finals

5) Neil Robertson's Crucible debut ended at the hands of Stephen Hendry in 2005

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Anonymous said...


well done to all the people posting answers on the quiz

i am sure most of you knew the answers you got correct without googling. honest

or else you asked that guy from eggheads.

dave, the quiz isnt very succesful on here (by amount of answers and discussion on the results) due to everyone knowing those posting answers dont have the memory resource to know them all and most correct answers are googled, or at least checked first.

imho i would post the blog asking the questions but not allow posts, then that evening, post the answers as a reply.

that way folk can play at home and then comment on what you say is correct.

just a thought, but at present imho it doesnt seem to work