The Stephen Lee hearing has ended in Bristol and a judgement is expected within the next few days.

Lee was charged with several counts of match fixing. The three day hearing was heard by Sports Resolutions UK and chaired by Adam Lewis QC.

Lewis has returned to London to consider the evidence and is likely to present his verdict on Friday or possibly early next week.

Lee, a former world no.5 and five times ranking event winner, was suspended last October.


kimball144 said...

So thew farce goes on, Lee is still a patsy for "the old culture".
I bet at least 20% of the 1991 pros
could be brought in for questioning
using the same kind of methods.
2008,2009,2010 a frame here and there, must be a lot of heresay and
not very much forensic evidence.
Still, people in general seem to expect a verdict of guilt and being pleased with the outcome. It is a sham and a shame, considering all other players making shillings on the side in the old days.
If you nail Lee, why not Burnett, who is so much more obvious?

Snookerbrain68 said...

Hope he's forked out for the same legal team as J. Higgins.
If so, he's in the clear.

Ray147 said...

I'm under no illusions that cases such as these are very hard to prove. But I was under the misguided assumption that there is sense and reason in all things.
The time taken for this really takes the biscuit.... and on we go.

The Blog said...

If it can be proven Lee missed balls, threw frames on purpose, but gained financial advantage (via gambling bets) then he will deserve the appropriate punishment but unless there is 'smoking' gun evidence (which, imho, did appear to be the case with the Higgins/NOTW incident) and taking into account this entire affair has dragged on since 2008 (!) - you wonder if all concerned are going to remember with absolute clarity what happened all that time ago. If there is little or no video evidence for most of these alleged match fixing incidents I can't see Lee being found guilty.

For snooker's sake I hope he is innocent and found innocent.

Snookerbrain1968 said...

Journalists and broadcasters etc will have to maintain a professional attitude when referring to John Higgins. Not me though. I simply cannot see how he can have any shred of integrity in the game even supposing he proves himself to be whiter than white for the remaining part of his career.
The body swerve that saw him escape a life ban was an illusion worthy of Dynamo the magician.