There has never been a snooker occasion as sad as today's gathering at Leeds Parish Church where the sport said goodbye to Paul Hunter, who died of cancer on October 9.

A host of well known names attended the funeral: Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis, Jimmy White, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor, Willie Thorne, John Higgins, Mark Williams, Ken Doherty, Shaun Murphy, Graeme Dott, Peter Ebdon, Graeme Dott, Joe Johnson, John Virgo, Anthony Hamilton, Barry Hawkins, Neil Robertson, Tony Knowles and John Parrott among them.

Matthew Stevens, a friend of Paul's since childhood, was one of the pall bearers.

Paul's father, Alan, was in tears as he told of how his son has said to him that he had been "dealt a bad card."

Anthony Roberts, Paul's cousin, spoke eloquently of the 27 year-old three-times Masters champion and Lindsey, Paul's widow, read a specially written poem.

Sir Rodney Walker gave an excellent speech on behalf of World Snooker but even he couldn't get through it without breaking down.

It was a very sad occasion but good to see so many people - some 1,200 - paying their respects.

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Anonymous said...

Indicative of the sport, were the players who took part last night in the PSL.

After such a harrowing day, you'd have thought Davis, Doherty, White and Hendry would have had other things on their mind. But each came out with a smile...just like it was any other PLS matchday.

The finest promotion of the game, if ever there was one, seen through the eyes of millions at home.

They done you proud, Paul...

Thanks, Joe