The following was announced today:

"The Snooker Writers' Association has joined the tributes to Paul Hunter, by re-naming its Newcomer of the Year award in his honour.

"Paul won the award in 1998, and it is currently sponsored by his management company Wheels In Motion.

"The re-naming reflects the huge respect and affection which Paul enjoyed among those who cover the game.

"He provided many great stories on and off the table over the years, and carried out his media responsibilities with grace and good humour in both victory and defeat.

"Paul lost his battle with cancer last week at the age of 27. The first Wheels In Motion Paul Hunter Newcomer of the Year will be announced, together with the other SWA award winners for this year, during next week's Royal London Watches Grand Prix in Aberdeen."


Anonymous said...


That is fantastic news! Any news on whether the WSA will use Paul's name to endorse the Masters?

I was reading your earlier interview with 'The Spinto Band'. Which I really enjoyed! I've seen them twice this year in London, and they DO really enjoy snooker.

If you are thinking of lining up another Q & A with an indie band, you might want to listen to 'Jimmy White' by Dustins' Bar Mitzvah. They are being lined-up to be the next big thing in indie music.

As for the Grand Prix line-up, am really looking forward to these matches. Do you think it will capture the attention of the snooker public and hopefully gain new fans, in a way that 20-20 has done for Cricket?

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

I haven't heard about the Masters but I expect the trophy to be renamed in Paul Hunter's honour.

I enjoyed meeting The Spinto Band - they're big into snooker (I gave them a DVD of 30 years of the World Championship and they couldn't have been more excited) and were excellent live: they're touring the UK again soon and I'll hopefully go and see them in Birmingham.

Thanks for the tip about the other band, I'll have to check them out.

I'm yet to be convinced that the Grand Prix needs a new format but if it does attract new fans and increases interest then it will be a good thing.

Anonymous said...


I do hope that they endorse Paul's name to the Masters Trophy this season rather than next.

Because Guitar music is de rigueur at the moment, there are a plethora of bands touring the 'toilet circuits' of the UK. Spinto Band have an excellent array of songs, as do a band called the Maccabees (don't know if they have any Snooker songs in their set list,) and, indeed, Dustins BM. 'Jimmy White' was a low-key released single from last year. But because they are being touted as the next big thing, expect a re-release. Oh, and they have a debut album out (which I think Jimmy White is on).... only for sale in Japan!

Retired footballer, Denis Bergkamp, was also a huge Snooker fan, and always spoke highly of the sport in interviews with the media.

As for the GP, if the innovation, like you say, brings in a phalanx of new custom through fans and future sponsorships, it can only mean a good thing.

Thanks, Joe

Dave H said...

And let's not forget Ronnie Wood of the Stones - a big pal of Jimmy White

Also, Bernard Butler, ex of Suede, now of The Tears (which appears to be a watered down version of Suede) is a massive fan

Anonymous said...

Yup - agreed.

I was just trying to think of the less obvious ones.

Ronnie always turns up at Wembley, unless he's on a boat in the Carribean or, failing that, falling out of coconut trees!

That reminds me of when Stephen Hendry played Darren Morgan in the Quarter-finals (i think) of the 1997 World Championship. Hendry's friend, the boxer, Naseem Hameed, sat in the front row of the VIP box at the Crucible - right in line with the players eyeline. After Morgan lost, he accused the boxer of putting him off when he went to play a shot! I wonder if Hendry still stays in touch with the 'Prince', since his court case.

The Tears, who were even worse than Suede, are no more. Brett is bringing out a self-titled solo album early next year. Bernard will probably help out, but he does a lot of producing for bands. He produced one of the greatest singles in the last 3 years, when he helped a little band, called The Libertines, record 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun.' Maybe he'll have more time for Snooker now.

I also have a sneaker suspicion that Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers likes watching Snooker. As he really loves watching Golf. He even had a TV set up at a music festival once, just so he could see the end of The Open.

Thanks, Joe