Neil Robertson’s 5-1 defeat of Ronnie O’Sullivan this afternoon was an accomplished, highly ruthless performance from one of snooker’s most promising prospects.

The 24 year-old can clearly do it on the big stage and will surely win a major tournament sooner rather than later.

He missed an easy black in the third frame but was otherwise flawless.

He said: “I’m very happy with the way I played. I’ve scored heavier before but to play that way against someone like Ronnie is harder to do so this is my best performance so far.

“Even after Ronnie cleared up to win the third frame I kept my composure because I knew I was playing well and that I was creating chances for myself.

“I knew before the match that I was one of the few players who could beat him when he’s playing well. When I get in, if I’m concentrating and my positional play is good, I’ll definitely score.”

Typically for an Australian, Robertson is supremely confident.

I suggested to him he had landed a pre-Ashes blow. “I won 5-1 but I think we’ll win 5-0. At least Ronnie’s got one of the board for the English guys,” was his reply.

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Anonymous said...


Robertson is the new Glenn McGrath, eh?

Lets hope not, thanks Joe