I’m delighted to read that Steve Davis has made it down to the last 1,308 in the main event of the World Series of Poker out in Las Vegas.

This may not sound all that impressive but it’s worth noting that this competition had a starting field of 6,844.

The winner will eventually pocket around £4.6m. This is only £1m less than Davis has earned during his 30-year professional snooker career.

The green baize legend is now taking his chances alongside such luminaries as Jeff ‘Jaffacake’ Kimber, who is described on the WSOP website as the World Heads-Up champion.

I have no idea what this means but it sounds like a title worth having.

Davis, like any great sportsman, loves winning but with him I always feel he enjoys the method more.

He has spent many an hour in snooker pressrooms quietly playing internet poker and has exactly the calculating intelligence required to succeed.

Steve’s a person of great patience, too. He used to play another man at chess and their matches were conducted entirely through the post.

Days would go by before either knew what the next move would be.

Not for Davis impulsiveness, although there are moments in poker, as in any game, where it is time to go for the kill. I have no doubt Steve knows exactly when this time is.

Good luck to him.


Anonymous said...

I just hope he will get deep enough this time to be on tv

Anonymous said...

Steve is a great poker player. I'm pretty sure he cashed in his first attempt at the WSOP main event 2 years ago too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but unfortunally they didn't show him on tv for that event

Anonymous said...

Good luck Steve! Perhaps there could be a career change on the way if he ends up winning it...
Barry Hearn will be a happy man if he is getting 10%? lol


Anonymous said...

He's made it through day 3 now and has made the money! Well done Steve.