The Grand Finals of the World Series will be staged in Moscow for at least the next three years.

FSTC Sports Management, the promoters, have signed a deal with IMM Group, responsible for tennis's Kremlin Cup.

The Grand Finals take place on November 29-30. They were originally due to be in Hamm, Germany but the schedule has been altered after World Snooker changed the dates for the Shanghai Masters.

The Moscow leg had been planned for September 27-28 after FSTC were informed the Shanghai event would not start until October 1.

However, it now begins on September 29 and it was felt this was far too tight a schedule for players involved in both tournaments.

Therefore, the September leg has been scrapped but this blow will be softened by the news of Russian investment.

John Higgins, who won the first World Series tournament in Jersey, likened it to Roman Abramovich's involvement with Chelsea.

“This type of relationship with Russia has not done Chelsea any harm and we are looking forward to the potential this offers the game for years to come," he said.

“This is exactly the type of opportunity we believed existed when we first discussed the concept of the World Series of snooker.

“While I knew snooker was popular in these regions, I really did not know just how big.

“The commercial potential this brings to both the players and the game itself is incredible.”

It's not all bad news for snooker fans in Hamm. There will now be an exhibition on the weekend of November 29-30 featuring Ronnie O'Sullivan.

The Warsaw leg of the World Series on October 25-26 remains in place.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that headline be "To Russia with Hughes"?

Anonymous said...

To Russia with strange format.

Shame the Russian Deal allows for the total change of schedue and format.

Is it right the investors son, a junior player will be playing in this high profile Grand Final.

No qualification required for this young man, just a successful father.

Certainly does a lot for the credibility of snooker when one can buy ones son a TV appearence and indeed a competitive place along with all those who played hard to qualify.

This fan will let you guys decide at what price sponsorship for snooker.

Glad Im not on the tour, I dont think my credibility could stand up to this.

If its all about promoting junior snooker, then why will there be no Russian junior qwualification competitions?

Maybe there will?

Anyway, another sad chapter in the mis-management of snooker