Here is the draw for the second World Series event in Berlin this coming weekend:

First round:
Graeme Dott (Scotland) v Chris McBreen (New Zealand)
John Higgins (Scotland) v Lasse M√ľnstermann (Germany)
Stephen Maguire (Scotland) v Hans Blanckaert (Belgium)
Shaun Murphy (England) v Patrick Einsle (Germany)

Dott/McBreen v Higgins/Munstermann
Maguire/Blanckaert v Murphy/Einsle

If you're wondering why McBreen and Blanckaert are in the field, although they are from New Zealand and Belgium respectively they each live in Germany.


andy said...

Watch out for Einsle!! And Lasse is as ambidextrous as the great Ronnie himself, although tends not to use his other hand in the bigger tournaments for some reason.

There could be some fireworks with Hans.

I'll have to watch some of these matches over the weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I wish Ronnie or Selby would play:(
I simply love them;;)..but I will still watch the matches because snooker is a wonderful game and I hope john higgins will win 'cause he really plays well!
so...go higgins(although I kinda hated him for a while when he defeated mark in the first event:P)

GlobalSnookerCentre said...

I've never noticed Lasse being ambidextrous?

all fur of the amateur players are going to provide stiff opposition for the pros
this time round.

All except Hans, who had a good run in the first PIOS this summer, are either former Pros or back on the tour, in the case of chris McBreen.

Anonymous said...

Will these matches be broadcastet on TV or by some streams ?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what time these matches will be played?
Is it the same as for the jersey event?