First, a word about yesterday. I’d warned that Mark Selby was a man under pressure and his performance against Ken Doherty was that of a player rusty through lack of match practice.

The bad news for Selby is that his next match will not be for another two months at the UK Championship, where another first round defeat could mean he heads into 2010 outside the provisional top 16.

Today, Neil Robertson, who won this title in 2006, takes to the table against Gerard Greene. Robertson should have too much firepower for the Kent-based Northern Irishman but, if the contest becomes fragmented, it’s up for grabs.

The other evening match should be a free flowing affair as Ryan Day, runner-up to John Higgins last year, tackles Jamie Cope, who lost in the final to Robertson three years ago.

This one is hard to call as they play a similar game. Cope sometimes lets his head drop so it will be interesting to see his approach if he goes behind.

First up it’s Ding Junhui against Matthew Stevens, who I feel could be a good outside bet for the title.

That said, if Ding hits top form the Welshman could easily be a first round casualty.

New father Ali Carter takes on Robert Milkins, who will be resplendent in pink as he is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month.

TV times:
BBC2 3.50-5.30pm, 0.40-3.30am and red button from 12.30pm

British Eurosport2 1-2.30pm, British Eurosport 3.45-5.15pm, 7-10pm
Eurosport times in other countries vary, check your local listings

The BBC website (in the UK) and the Eurosport Player has live coverage from both the tables.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Doherty win over the smug Selby. He won't be joking and larking about in matches now to put off his opponents.

Matt said...

Mark is playing in the World Series later this month but yeah, the lack of practice and confidence was apparent. His long game was particularly off.

Delighted for Ken however.

Demon Potter said...

Joe Perry was singing Selby's praises before the tournament began, saying how well he had been playing in practice. Obviously didn't transfer that to the big stage.

Dave H said...

Matt- pretty sure World Series line up is Higgins, Maguire, Dott and White

Anonymous said...

gutted for Mark
he must be very low in confidence to put on such a "performance".
and with the amount of rankers this season he might not even get a chance to improve his shaky position.

could you imagine top 16 without Selby? me certainly not

Anonymous said...

That line up is correct Dave,
details here.


Matt said...

Ah fair enough. I read this:

"Competing in Prague will be John Higgins MBE, Mark Selby, Ding Junhui and legend The Whirlwind Jimmy White."



But there must have been a change that I missed.

Dave H said...

I'd say Matthew is even more of an outsider for the title now

Anonymous said...

Selby smug? And trying to put opponents off? Don't be ridiculous.

Top-Cat said...

Here i am sitting on my settee with the laptop watching both matches on the bbc website. My wife has just clouted me and called me a freak for watching both matches at once, the question is, is this normal or do i need help?

Anonymous said...

Today in Glasgow.

Jamie Cope, a quality player, looks good on TV, yet playing on TV with no sponsor.... OF ANY KIND!

Surely the sponsor of one of snookers 'Majors' would want their logo on him considering its BBC?

Oops, forgot.
This major BBC televised 'Major' ain't got a sponsor either!

I know times are supposed to be hard, but FFS, what are they playing at?

Anonymous said...

Where are all the spectator's very poor attendance so far, is it to expensive to go, has this been advertised in Glasgow, bring it back here for heavens sake at least it was well attended,the Guild Hall Preston.

Anonymous said...

Really terrible attendances so far, it's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else been surprised by the lack of people in attendance at Kelvin Hall? I couldn't believe how many empty seats there were at last night's matches.

Anonymous said...

Selby is my favourite player. He will be back I have no doubt about it. The man is class.

I'm surprised at you tipping bottler Stevens though Dave I must admit. I thought you knew your stuff. Stevens has been finished as a player for some time. Don't let a couple of centuries against a lower ranked player in the qualifiers fool you. As soon as he's in a big match, he's gone!

jamie brannon said...

Give it time crowd wise as the latter stages should pick up and Ronnie will be here tomorrow and Glaswegian Maguire.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:27pm what a stupid thing to say "Stevens has been finished as a player for some time".
If i remember wasn't he the runner up in last seasons Bahrain championship and leading 7-6 and finally got beat 9-7.
He is not the player he used to be but hes not finished with.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else been surprised by the lack of people in attendance at Kelvin Hall? I couldn't believe how many empty seats there were at last night's matches.

10:31 AM

Not surprised at all, because the idiots allow people to sit anywhere in a huge arena.

Why don't they make spectators sit at the front and therefore make an attempt to make it look full.

If my business was run in the same manner, I would'nt have a business.