The long running battle in Scottish amateur snooker may be about to be resolved after the two sides agreed to meet with WPBSA board member Jim McMahon to try and agree a way forward.

A statement from Scottish Snooker read:

Jim McMahon of the WPBSA met this week separately with Paul Marinello (Wednesday) and Alec Cameron (Thursday).

Both parties have agreed that a change to the current situation is needed and that it is possible to resolve the issues from within Scottish Snooker for the benefit of all concerned.

As a consequence of this mutual understanding, both parties have agreed to move forward and to further aid this progression, Jim McMahon will be meeting with both Alec Cameron and Paul Marinello together on Monday 19 October to continue discussions.

It was agreed that comments of a personal nature were unhelpful and in the meantime, in order to assist a resolution for the benefit of all concerned, all individuals involved in snooker in Scotland are requested to refrain from posting personal attacks and derogatory statements on any websites.

My own post on this subject - 'Scots Miffed' - received a record number of comments, most of them rancorous, and in the end I had to close the thread.

Given the bitter history north of the border, if Jim does negotiate a successful truce he will become the leading candidate for next year's Nobel Peace Prize.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what he won for winning? Did he win that car on display?

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that was meant for the Jimmy White post, sorry.