Years as professional: 1973-1991
Ranking titles: 0
Ranking finals: 0
Other titles: 1
Highest ranking: 8
Years in top 16: 8
Crucible appearances: 10

Werbeniuk was a gargantuan Canadian whose beer guzzling made him a cult hero in snooker’s boom years.

Big Bill sank up to 15 pints of lager before and during matches to offset a tremor in his arm.

The beer was tax deductable. This is probably as close to genius as you can get.

He was a product of the pool and snooker sub culture of North America and formed a holy 1980s triumvirate with Cliff Thorburn and Kirk Stevens. Together, they won the World Cup in 1982.

Werbeniuk reached four World Championship quarter-finals and was the first player to make a break in excess of 140 at the Crucible, his 142 coming in 1979.

In 1985, his 143 took the highest break prize.

In his later career, he took beta-blockers to help his heart deal with his enormous alcohol intake but when these were banned, he packed it in.

Werbeniuk died in 2004. Many tributes were paid to this most unlikely of sporting heroes.


Anonymous said...

Classic shot from Big Bill, maybe we should all start drinking more.


JohnH said...

The snooker Bill produce in 82/83 was outstanding. Only Davis, Reardon, Higgins and Griffiths produced better play in the second half of the season. A shame he played a battling Alex as early as the Quarters of the worlds that year (and lost narrowly) as he was playing well enough to reach the final by the standards of some other years. I was there to see his first round demolition of Dave Martin in 83 at the Crucible - a great performance of matchplay snooker. Before his stunning run from 6-10 to 13-10 against David Taylor in the second round. Few players have recovered from 6-10 going into a final session at the Crucible!


Hi David. I believe Werbeniuk passed on, the week following his 56th birthday, in January 2003. R.I.P. BIG BILL WERBENIUK...

Anonymous said...

To be honest, for all his likeable qualities and all he brought to the game I wouldn't have Bill in the top 11. But I posted the first response and accidentally left Ding out so what do I know?

jamie brannon said...

Didnt realise he was in top eight, but I will pass judgement on the list when it is done, I might think it is tosh!

Anonymous said...

Grow up Jamie FFS get over it its just a blog.

Dave H said...

Just a blog?!

To draw a line under 'toshgate' (as nobody is calling it) I apologise to Jamie if he was offended by my rather brusque remarks

jamie brannon said...

If you see by tosh I put an exclamation remark, I have dealt with the upset and have forgiven Dave! No need for an apology. However if Quinten Hann makes this list then questions may need to be asked about the blog!

Claus Christensen said...

Speaking of Hann, perhaps there could be a top 10 snooker scandals post?