The Snooker Forum has conducted an interview with Barry Hearn to investigate what he would do if he became WPBSA chairman.

Wisely, Hearn does not make a string of pie-in-the-sky promises. He admits that he cannot have a business plan in place until he inspects the current state of the governing body from the inside.

But he states that he wants the World Championship to remain on the BBC and will 'absolutely not' be cutting the number of players on the tour.

Hearn adds that he wants to institute a Pro Tour of 25 small events building up to a Players Championship, as on his PDC darts tour, to provide more playing opportunities for professionals.

And he says his number one priority is to inject some fun back into the sport and foreground the players more.

You can listen to the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Who votes in the ATM?

Anonymous said...

Customers with a bank account...

NewsBrain said...

good see he wants to keep the worlds on terrestrial