Patrick Wallace was a man in a hurry at the Pukka Pies UK Championship qualifiers today.

The former Crucible quarter-finalist whitewashed Mark Boyle 9-0, rounding off with breaks of 96 and 97.

Such a scoreline is relatively rare these days due to the highly competitive standard of play seen in Prestatyn.

Wallace's reward is a second round meeting with John Parrott, the 1991 UK champion.

Meanwhile, Wallace's fellow Northern Irishman Jordan Brown, also a Snooker Scene columnist, narrowly missed out on a new world record.

He won a frame 97-87 against Lee Spick. The aggregate score of 184 is just one fewer than the 185 set between Sean Storey and Graham Cripsey in the qualifiers for the 1992 Asian Open.

You're right, I should get out more.


Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Good show Patrick Wallace
There has to be a first for every thing and though you have had a few fives nil’s this is the first nine.
I remember your last BIG victory some ten years ago Patrick; your got interviewed on TV by both Dennis Taylor and John Virgo.

You took Dennis and Johns breathe away Patrick when you said you had had lessons from Terry Griffiths. Snooker coaching in those days was “Watch Me” to show the student the coaches natural style of play to copy; and you didn’t look like Terry in action.

Your victory Patrick ten years ago possible set Terry off on his family coaching business. Anyway Patrick; Good Luck! I hope this blog will earn you a logo.
Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

and terry is the best coach...

..just like thomas is the best tank engine

Anonymous said...

Yeah Well Done Paddy I am so pleased for you.
Good luck against my heart throb JP.

Plus well done to Jordan for securing his first round win in his debut year on the Main Tour.

Jordan also got the highest break in his first match in his debut year on the Main Tour, even though he lost 5-4.
Is this a new world record Dave?

Come on my Irish Boys !!!!
Your English fan