I wrote yesterday that 9-0 scorelines are relatively rare but we've now had another at the UK qualifiers with Simon Bedford whitewashing Joe Jogia.

Bedford's highest break was only 45 but he won five frames on the colours.

His reward is a second round meeting with Davey Morris.


Anonymous said...

Are you there Dave? Any pointers as to how White v Wells went? Was it as high quality as it promised to be? I see it went 9-8 to White so it looks like it could have been a cubicle classic!

Eric said...

Amazing result, especially after Joe's excellent run to the final of the Pro Challenge Series - including a 5:0 routing of Ricky Walden - just two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
This 9-0 drubbing is a very different one to the Wallace one of earlier. It relates to the old chestnut that a century may be pretty but it wont pay the electric bills during a nuclear winter.
Winning frames is everything, whether it be uglier than John Merrick on a bad day but its still a win.
a string of 45 breaks will destroy a player if the break ends with a devlish snooker played. Its not a new thing, it was written many moons ago by former greats who may no longer be with us.
Keep up the good work Soimon and sharpen those pencils with a stanley knife.
Mr hey you

Mr hey you said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
I see we have our dear Mister Imitator back and sadly sending out “Bum Steers” in the “Fine Art” name. The dear chap only forgot one thing Dave; the © symbol.

You are wrong mister that winning is everything! This maybe right in back street betting plots on matches, whether Fighting, Snooker or Pitch penny, but not for the future of Professional snooker.
The game is dieing of dullness and sameness, similar to repeat “Soap Operas” and the last snooker tournament could be passed off by many on TV as something new and original.

Imitation is a kind of compliment mister, but please don’t do the game any harm with false and wrong opinions. Snooker needs rejuvenated and in time will be played with timing and tempo similar to dance chorography. Mr hey you