It’s getting a bit repetitive to keep saying how impressive Judd Trump is but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

He demolished Ronnie O’Sullivan yesterday, as O’Sullivan was the first to admit. It was another big performance on the big stage by the 22 year-old.

It seems absurd now to think that just a year ago people were questioning his talent and his ability to deliver.

Today’s two matches again feature proven winners...

These two let me down in my first round predictions by winning. Williams probably should have won more easily against Stephen Maguire but got the job done in the end. Robertson was superb against Mark Allen, whose claim to have ‘lost interest’ was surely a reaction to losing. He actually competed very well.

Williams has always been able to win matches in tournaments where he hasn’t been playing at his best. He has been there, done it, worn the t-shirt and tweeted about it afterwards.

Robertson is yet to reach the Masters semi-finals but against Allen once again proved how strong he is under pressure.

These two left-handed winners of the World Championship invariably come good when the stakes are high. The standard is likely to be, too, but I just feel the Australian will shade it based on what I saw in the first round.

Prediction: Robertson to win 6-4

Another tough one to call between two good friends. Murphy was brilliant against Martin Gould but Selby’s performance against Stephen Lee was hard to judge.

Lee was poor early on but when he started to come back Selby began to get a little edgy. However, he has won this tournament twice and that has to count for something.

He will also most likely raise his game against Murphy, a player he likes, respects and knows is playing well.

A close encounter is on the cards and Selby has won so many of these in the Masters that he would be favourite if it went all the way.

Prediction: Selby to win 6-5


Anonymous said...

if robertson wins ill eat my hat

Greg P said...

I can't stand Robertson since he slowed down.

He plays like someone who has been injected with giraffe tranquiliser. Williams vs. Trump would be a much better semi final.


Hi David. Williams v Robertson. Robertson won frame 1 on the black, afterit never seeming likely. Agood 78 from Williams. 1 all. Another black ball frame to Robertson. 2-1.

A good 90-plus break for Robertson. 3-1. He played well to lead 4-1.

Agood fight back by Williams, to reduce this, to 4-3. After Robertson went 5-3 up, williams responded well to make it 5-4.

After Williams missed a black in frame 10, Robertson made a good break, to claim a 6-4 win.

A good and enjoyable match, in my view.

Anonymous said...

It's a fairly safe bet that one of the names in the final will be that of Judd Trump and whoever of those other great players will make it through, it will take some doing to win against this exceptional young man when he is enjoying himself out there.
Had Ronnie always enjoyed playing that last encounter might have looked differently but "if" doesn't count, does it?



Hi David. Selby v Murphy. Selby won the first frame, in which both players had chances. Murphy levelled at 1 each. After that, Murphy took control, to lead 5-1. A near maximum made,on the way.

Selby didn;t go down without a fight. A near maximum from him. 5-2. Murphy won frame 8, to seal a 6-2 win.

Another great day's play, in my view.

Role on tomorrow.