Due to what may best be described as 'technical issues' the links on this blog have disappeared.

Sorry about this. I have started adding the links I can remember but if a link to your site was here before and you would like it restored, email me at snookersceneblog@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

something smells about this...

Anonymous said...

It's probably due to this SOPA bill Wikipedia was protesting against a few weekes ago. It makes it illegal for any sites hosted in the US to link to sites that host material that breaches copyright terms i.e. if any snooker sites host BBC/Eurosport footage or anything then Google will be legally obliged to remove your links.

jamie brannon said...

Chris Turner's site for the archive facts. I know it won't be updated but be nice to remember to his excellent site still.

I do miss not being able to access how many centuries everyone has made. Anyone know of site that updates this particular chart?

Anonymous said...


chasing that one particular stat cos its the one you think ronnie may end up topping?

jamie brannon said...

He already holds most maximums, youngest ranking event winner, most wins in one professional tournament in the modern era, best average of centuries per year, fastest ever maximum, and several more.

For the record, O'Sullivan will end up topping the centuries list if he plays long enough.

Turner's site has stats that will still be relvant in ten years from now, but I'm looking for a subsitute site to follow the more ongoing stats.

Anonymous said...

I know full well what hes "top of"

none of them are worthwhile at all, with exception of most maximums.

fastest maximum. pah

next youll be telling us he is the best at wearing leather shoes.