So the BGC Masters is here at its new home, the Alexandra Palace in London.

The top 16 are fighting for one of snooker’s most sought after trophies. Let’s have a look at today’s two matches…

Their last Masters meeting ended with O’Sullivan sportingly consoling a tearful Ding following a 10-3 rout which included some sensational snooker.

O’Sullivan has struggled for form, motivation and results of late but he has a fine record in this tournament: nine finals and four titles.

Ding I thought was superb last year. He has matured as a player and a person since that Wembley horror show five years ago and was assured in winning the title 12 months ago.

He is yet to really set the baize alight this season but is a class act, capable of turning it on with the best of them.

In most tournaments I would fancy him to come through but this is O’Sullivan’s territory. He usually gets himself up for the Masters and tends to revel in the great atmosphere the packed house is bound to provide.

Prediction: O’Sullivan to win 6-4

Williams won the title in 1998 and 2003 and has recently returned to the top of the game after a spell in the doldrums.

Maguire has been consistent since winning the 2008 China Open but it wasn’t until last week at PTC12 that he won another televised title.

This is not the reason I am plumping for a Scottish win. Maguire has a good record against Williams; he always seems to play well against him.

I recall they once played in the Welsh Open and Maguire produced a masterclass in foot-on-the-throat snooker, not eye-catching centuries but 50-odd followed by a good safety, keeping the Welshman on the back foot.

I would never write Mark off. He’s one of the all time greats but he is experimenting with a new cue, and that could be a factor either in his favour or not.

Either way, Maguire is full of confidence right now.

Prediction: Maguire to win 6-3


Anonymous said...

You're going to predict every result? That's a dangerous game....

Anonymous said...

It started out rather well, nice work.


Hi David Great first match to the 2012 BGC Masters. O'sullullivan was great to lead 4-1. O'Sullivan seemed to fall away, after a Ding fluke. Ding played well to make it 4 all. o'Sullivan finished in style, winning frame nine, and the tenth, with a 100 plus break. Great match. The defenbding champion is out. Well done to both players. Well done to O'Sullivan. Unlucky, but well played, to Ding Junhui.

Colin M said...

Spot on with OSullivan, Dave!

Gerard said...

Nice interview with Ronnie jr on his lap. He was very positive. Keep it up O'Sullivan!


Hi David. As for Williams .V. Maguire. Williams looked assured in leading 4-0. Credit to Maguire. He played well to make it 5-4. Williams was releved, I would think, to get over the line, 6-4. He survived a good Maguire fightback, that ultimately, proved to be in vein. A great first day's play. Here's hoping it continues thoughout this event. I'm sure it will.

A good new venue and crowd aswell, in my view.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It started out rather well, nice work.

4:16 PM


it went the shape of a pear hours later

Anonymous said...

Dave H's prediction

"Prediction: Maguire to win 6-3"

Er... not quite! :P

Anonymous said...

You're kidding aren't you Gerard? Since when did BBC sport become a creche? Put the kids in the family room where they belong, can't ever imagine David Vine conducting an interview while a player bounces his kid up and down on his lap. Let's have some professionalism please. What's next, letting toddlers commentate?

jamie brannon said...

Can't see why you'd fancy Ding in other events, O'Sullivan has a record against Ding that has been weighted in his favour ever since he dished out the finest display of sustained snooker brilliance I've seen in the 2007 Masters final.

Against Ding and Maguire, I always fancy O'Sullivan. They always seem more initimidated by playing Ronnie than quite a few of the other top players.

It was a good contest after a slow start, but the Williams-Maguire was a dire clash, enlivened only by it being close, ultimately anyway.

Anonymous said...

you fancy ronnie full stop!

Gerard said...

11.55 No, not kidding. Nice pun though ;-)

I just think it was good to show there are more things in life than snooker. As a father I can only admire someone wanting to spend time with his children. The interview was a powerful way to get that message across.