Judd Trump said before the start of tonight’s Premier League final that Stuart Bingham had been the best player in the competition. He was right and Bingham duly beat him 7-2 to win the title.

This will mean a lot to him, perhaps more even than winning the Australian Open last year.

Some players pay no attention to snooker if they aren’t in the tournament ongoing but Bingham is different. He genuinely loves the game and he’s always watched the Premier League. This year he made his debut in it.

It is the fourth longest running tournament on the circuit and he has joined some great names – O’Sullivan, Hendry, Davis, Higgins and White included – in winning it.

The key moment came a few weeks ago when Bingham beat both Mark Selby and Neil Robertson 6-0. He played superbly in both matches, marching round the table as if he owned the place.

After that, with confidence understandably high, he was always going to be a handful in the play-offs.

Bingham has adjusted better than most to the new era. He doesn’t mind playing every week because that is what he was doing anyway: seeking out pro-ams to keep himself sharp.

But you can’t beat doing it on the big stage. Last season he beat Mark Williams 9-8 to win the Australian title. He is firmly bedded into the elite top 16 and is tonight £78,000 better off for his Premier League exploits.

He won’t go mad in celebrating. He can’t. He’s playing again tomorrow afternoon in the qualifiers for the Munich Open.

Another day, another match, another chance to play snooker. And Stuart Bingham wouldn’t have it any other way.


bluelagoon said...

Congratulations to Stuart. He deserves it. Hope to see him lift his next trophy on the 9th of December :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, great to see hard work paying off.

Anonymous said...

well done Ballrun.
played excellent, nice down to earth guy too.
have cue, will play. a real man.

jamie brannon said...

Bingham gave an authoritative display last night, the sort of showing that he probably wouldn't have produced a few seasons back, particularly not against someone of Ttrump's calibre.

He exuded a belief that this is now the stage where he belongs, rather than being a fringe top 16 player.

Ironically, it has been ever since Mark Allen questioned his 'bottle' that Bingham has progressed from pretender to contender.

Only Higgins and Trump could said to be in better form heading into the first major of the season.

Pick of the UK Championship Round One Draw: Ding v Day, Carter v S Davis and Stevens v Dale.

The match I hope we do see is Bingham v Maguire in the last 16, could be a real treat.

Anonymous said...

any links online to watch his win?

Anonymous said...

Any truth in rumours that this was the last Premier League to be shown on Sky?

Anonymous said...

silence is deafening 526