Everything I wrote about Judd Trump when he became world no.1 the other day still stands so I'm not going to repeat it (the story is here).

But today he once again displayed just why he's such a star when he beat Neil Robertson 10-8 to win the International Championship in Chendgu.

This was a gripping final which Robertson seemed to take charge of when he went 8-6 up, pouncing three times on a Trump mistake to win three successive frames.

But Trump played his best snooker of the match right at the end. He scrapped through the 15th frame and made breaks of 96 and 119 before killing the final off a frame later.

He comes home £125,000 richer and top of the world rankings. Not bad for a week's work.

But, of course, the work was done before he went, unseen by the general public.

I hope Trump celebrates this success with his pals. He deserves to. What's the point otherwise?

And then it's back to work ahead of his UK Championship title defence in York next month, where he will be the man to beat.


Anonymous said...

The way that Trump has powered to world number one it's pretty safe to assume that he is probably now the greatest player the game has ever seen.
Only a Ronnie blind faith devotee would argue otherwise as the dying embers of his career fade out.
The game has never been stronger with young players clamouring at the chance to become millionaires and Trump is not only the best now, but undisputably the best player in the history of snooker. Fact.

Claus said...

6-8 down against Neil.... Today Trump proved (again) that is the real deal. As real as they come. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Keep taking your medication 9:50pm but half the dose!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Are you one of his daft mates perchance? ;-)

kimball said...

Seems Hendrys fantastic career suddenly is worth nothing.Silly!

On another note, pity that Paris weekend workers were unable to sort
out the schedule when NY marathone
were closed out.
A lot of dissapointed viewers in my nooks and a lot of negative incalls.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What does D N I W mean?

Why post something most people dont understand?

Gav Powell said...

D N I W is, I presume "wind up" - it's the word wind, going up, see?

Clever, slightly funny, but rather pointless when nobody knew what he was on about!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:50 PM

The way that you have powered to Judd Trump's world number one fanboy - it's pretty safe to assume that you are probably now the greatest fanboy the game has ever seen.

Even those Ronnie fanboys would not argue otherwise as the dying embers of their man's career fades out. It is time for people you to shine.

The art of trolling has never been stronger with young fanboys like you clamoring at the chance to post at least 1 million posts about how Judd > (Stephen + Steve + Ronnie + John + Alex + Jimmy). You are not only the best now, but undisputably the best fanboy in the history of snooker. FACT.

Anonymous said...

At least Judd Trump deserves to have fanboys. It's when you get to the Selby fanboys that you really enter the twilight zone.