But before all that, another day, another maximum...

Today’s 147 was made by Jack Lisowski in the first frame of his 6-2 victory over Chen Zhe.

Well done to Jack, one of the most likeable of the young professionals and certainly one of the best.

That’s two maximums in two days, then. These players are seriously good.

I think Lisowski has particularly benefited from all the PTCs. All that match practice and wins over top players have enabled him to build up form and confidence.

Had he turned pro just a year earlier than he did then he would have had just six ranking events to play in and would have found it very tough to bed in to life on the circuit.

So that’s 94 maximums now. Who will be next?


Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic that the world number 1 is still yet to make a professional 147. In fact he's the only world number 1 other than Reardon to not make one. Is break-building a possible chink in Trump's armour? Obviously something not quite right if has beens and kids are knocking them in right left and centre.

Anonymous said...

Just because Trump has not yet made a professional 147(was the youngest at 14 years old to make one in amateur competition)I don't think anyone can doubt his break building capabilities.
He made around 11 centuries in 2 days play in the recent UK PTC 4 event in Gloucester.
John Higgins has made 6 to date, but didn't make his first until 2000 when he was nearly 25. I've no doubt his first professional 147 is not long away, especially with the amount of playing opportunities there currently are, with more to follow.

Anonymous said...

126, how is it ironic?

in snooker we play frames (not try for a 147 each shot)

theres only been something like 90 odd template checked 147s in 3 decades.

even you can work out that theyre not that common.

think before you type

Anonymous said...

That may be so, but we get about a dozen a year now, so it seems a reasonable question to ask why the number 1 ranked player hasn't had one when much younger and much weaker players have. It's generally the case that 147s are achieved by the strong break-builders in the game, so I'm using a valid stat to highlight a potential weakness in Trump's game

Maybe you should put your fanboy notions aside for a moment and think about what you type, 901.

Anonymous said...

Trump's had 38 centuries this season - far more than anyone else. You're talking complete nonsense.

Anonymous said...

agreed, pure nonsense.
trumps amazing!
easily the most naturally gifted player ever

Anonymous said...

I think it is illuminating to consider that the most prolific scorers (Ron/Hendo/Higgo) are also the most frequent maximum compilers. Robertson and Selby have both had seasons as the top century break makers, but they aren't natural scorers; they scored the most simply because they had long seasons with no early baths.

Trump's cueball control isn't the best, and it has to be said this is probably the reason he hasn't had a max. He has a long way to go before achieving the perfectionism of a Hendry, or the onanistic genius of an O'Sullivan. Even out of his peers, Ding had made four maxis at 23.

Anonymous said...

10.49 PM - Just because Trump has not yet made a professional maximum 147, this does not mean he is not a prolific break builder.

He's nearing 200 professional centuries already at the age of 23. He made around 11 centuries in 2 days play in the recent UK PTC 4 event as I've mentioned earlier and has made around 40 centuries and counting this season.

You mention "Ron/Hendo/Higgo" as frequent 147 scorers, which is obviously correct (11-11-6, but Judd is 23. Higgins was nearly 25 when he made his first 147, and Hendry was 23. Give him a chance. Your point would hold up better if say he had not made one at the age of 25/26 for example. Lets not forget he remains the youngest at 14 to make a competitive 147.

Trump's cue ball control was perhaps a bit loose 2-3 years ago and he had to rely on his fantastic potting to get him out of trouble, but I don't agree with that these days as his ongoing century tally confirms this.

Anonymous said...

1247, im with you, but some fans of you know who like to stick the boot in at trump and are even prepared to bias their opinion and invent things that mean nothing, just to do so.

sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

You may have a point 4.38. I'm not sure whether 12.47 has an axe to grind with Trump, and I'm not here to defend Trump, but I just felt I had to try and correct some of their views that I found incorrect.