Dechawat Poomjaeng: comedy genius. That seemed to be the view of the Crucible crowd after the maverick Thai clinched a dramatic 10-9 victory over Stephen Maguire last night.  

Poomjaeng’s facial expressions and general behaviour were certainly different to what we’re used to but what the audience appreciated was the fact that he was so obviously enjoying himself and, in turn, they were also enjoying it.

There had been the usual over reaction to one slow match (Dott v Ebdon) earlier in the day. The fact is, Poomjaeng wasn’t much quicker than Ebdon, it’s just that he entertained.

He now plays Michael White in an unlikely last 16 encounter with one of these unheralded potters on course for the quarter-finals.

Ali Carter will provide the second round opposition for the defending champion, Ronnie O’Sullivan, after completing a 10-4 victory over Ben Woollaston.

Carter began the night with a century and won two close frames to effectively put the result beyond doubt. His long potting was particularly strong.

Ding Junhui impressed against Alan McManus, making two centuries in building a 7-2 lead. Judd Trump also got going after the interval, making a 142 total clearance, the highest break so far, to lead Dominic Dale 6-3.

Last night, Mark Selby’s highest break was only 46 but he still fashioned a 6-3 advantage over debutant Matt Selt.

By way of build up, Selt had provided the press with details of his fall-out with Trump, which read like handbags at dawn or, perhaps in the case of Trump, designer handbags at dawn.

Such is the froth that surrounds the event. All that really matters is how you play and Selt struggled badly early on before making a better fist of it after winning his first frame, the sixth.

The last two first round matches start today. Neil Robertson, many people’s pick, faces Robert Milkins, back at the Crucible for the first time in eight years.

Stuart Bingham meets Sam Baird, who like Poomjaeng won four matches to qualify for the Crucible.


Anonymous said...

"Over Reaction"

Most of the public who (unlike the journalists) pay for their tickets, bought them blind for the Crucible this year - they did not know who they would see - even match one was unknown until Ronnie declared his hand.

Do you then think it is unreasonable that they should expect a reasonable level of entertainment for their money (which we got from DP)?

At the Crucible apart from a few seated half way, you cannot get up and watch another match - you are stuck twiddling your fingers, the only alternative to a six minute toilet break being to leave the arena and get a coffee or a beer.

So I'm sorry - we dont have a choice. If you cant entertain me then dont take my money before the draw - or be prepared to give me a refund.

Otherwise great tournament so far.

Anonymous said...

'Poom, Poom, Shake, Shake the Room..'

Great to see some genuine, inoffensive emotion. Maguire didn't see that coming !

Anonymous said...

Comparisons between DP and Ebdon regarding pace are unfair. Ebdon's intentional posturing, extended toilet breaks, deliberate time wasting and constant, unnecessary cue ball cleaning requests, are employed for the sole purpose of sucking the life out his opponent, leaving him exhausted, exasperated and frustrated in the hope that he'll be able to drag the general level of play down to such an extent that it offers him opportunity to limp over the winning line.
DP's shot time may not be the fastest but there is nothing sinister about his intentions, unlike the epitome of gamesmanship, Ebdon.

The Blog said...

I think the negative reaction to the Dott/Ebdon match was mostly due to the standard of play. Had Ebdon played slowly but made a few centuries I doubt anyone would be complaining. Ebdon's highest break was 39 (!) so 'small breaks made slowly' is bound to garner a negative reaction from the playing public. It certainly riled Graeme Dott! At one point he fell asleep. :P

Anonymous said...

Trump is so fake he makes out he's someone he not he got this image of being a bad boy when really he's the total opposite. Naughty snooker lol never be as good as the rocket.

Anonymous said...

Time the table divide was removed so the public has a choice of watching 2 tables. The players would quickly get used to it and most have had similar experience with the event in Germany earlier in the year with as many as 5 tables on view at one time.


Hi David. Great final sesion between Trump and Dale. Dale started well,, 6-4 to Trump. Breaks of 104, a 70 plus, and, 61, sent Trump 9-4 ahead. Brave 147 attempt by Dale, failed on 96, 9-5, to Trump. Trump won the next, to gain a well earned, 10-5 win.

Jim said...


Ahh the dissatisfied Brit, MY money, I must be entertained or I want a refund!, why don't you write to Anne Robinson or the daily mail, perhaps a story of you holding up your tickets with sour face and Ronnie O'sullivan t-shirt. 'Peter Ebdon ruined MY families night!, wheres my refund'. Boohoo that's snooker, its hit and miss, have you not seen it before? why is it all about entertaining you, these guys are out to make a living and win tournaments.

Got to agree with Selt, said a few years ago I hope Trump has good people around him because he seems more interested in ridiculous off the shelf instant style and impressing complete strangers on twitter. Twitter updates mid session, come on man get a grip, turn off The only way is Essex and put your phone away and you are in for a shout.

Keith said...

The slow pace built up the tension nicely in the Poomjaeng match. Also I though the Virgo/Hendry commentary was surprisingly good.


Hi David. A very good tattical final session between Ding and McManus. Trailing 7-2, Mcmanus needed a good start. He got it. He reduced Ding's lead, to 7-5. A 75 from Ding, 8-5. McManus, unlucky to lose a frame, in failing to escape from a snooker. 9-5. Another great tactical frame, and great finish. Ding wins, 10-5.

Anonymous said...

Willie Thorne is getting really annoying to the point where I won't watch snooker if he's doing the commentary he has too much to say for himself for once an average player !!

Jim said...

Poom's joy and reactions around the table reminded me of scenes from the Hong Kong classic 'Legend of the Dragon' starring Jimmy White. I've never laughed so much watching snooker in my life, Dennis creased up, Maguire almost about to burst. Great Fun.

Anonymous said...

Do you think he gets the blues sat in that commentary box all day?

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering why the first round seems to be a bit dull, and then I caught myself doing mental arithmetic trying to work out who needs to do what to get into the top 16 and then realised it didn't matter! Nobody is sweating their rocks off trying to save their top 16 place. Barry has sucked the life out of the rankings drama.

Anonymous said...

JAMIE O'REILLY - David will be fully aware of the stats of each match...I'm not sure why your telling him something he already knows?

1.15pm - Willie was more than an average player - ranking event winner, finalist in the UK, a 147 in professional competition, but I do agree his commentary is on the whole a bit annoying. He's very under prepared with his facts. I don't know how it works Dave, but are the commentators told to go through the season's form and stats themselves or do they simply just turn up and commentate. It's very clear that Hendry, Thorne & Taylor and others to a lesser degree are not up with the current form and stats, and it shows in their commentary.

Anonymous said...

@2:24pm - the rankings drama has shifted to the build up to the Crucible and it's a hell of a lot better for it.

Anonymous said...

I from THIALAND and great game.
New character in sport of snoker arrive. He here and can win tournament official world bestest player.

Spirit of sport will win.

God bless

Anonymous said...

I for one am still an Ebdon fan. Have been ever since is great victory in '02. What people never mention is the fact that he's still playing well enough, while he's older than the class of 92.

On another note, Nice to see you back, Jamie!


Hi David, yesterday, 24-4- 2013, in the afternoon session, Fu lead Stevens, 6-3, it went on to 8-4. Stevens was unlucky, to get a kick, 9-4. Stevens fought to make it 9-7. Fu won, 10-7.

Robertson .V. Milkins. Great snooker, including a 143 break from robertson, the highest sofar, in this year's event. 5-4, at the moment, to Robertson.

In the evening, Selby,, did well, after Selt made it 6-4, to win four frames in a row. The last of these, with a 91 break, to win, 10-4.

Bingham played well, to lead Baird, 6-0. Baird did well, to make an 87 break. 6-1. Bingham did well, to win the next two frames, to lead 8-1, over-night.

Anonymous said...


Still playing well enough eh?

Do some research. Report back with his highest break in his match v Dott.
The man is a menace.