The first round draw has been made for the Betfair World Championship.

Ronnie O'Sullivan v Marcus Campbell
Ali Carter v Ben Woollaston
Stuart Bingham v Sam Baird
John Higgins v Mark Davis
Shaun Murphy v Martin Gould
Graeme Dott v Peter Ebdon
Matthew Stevens v Marco Fu
Judd Trump v Dominic Dale
Neil Robertson v Robert Milkins
Ricky Walden v Michael Holt
Mark Williams v Michael White
Stephen Maguire v Dechawat Poomjaeng
Mark Allen v Mark King
Ding Junhui v Alan McManus
Barry Hawkins v Jack Lisowski
Mark Selby v Matt Selt


Anonymous said...

Great draw for ronnie I'm predicting a 10-3 win. Higgins has a tough one against mark davis. Dott and ebdon should start tomorrow might be finished by Sunday night lol

Anonymous said...

O'Sullivan v Lisowski final.
Oh yes !

Anonymous said...

Yes,Mr O Sullivan will be well pleased with that 1st round draw

Anonymous said...

come on marcus

Mike Mouse said...

I bet Shaun Murphy face-palmed when he saw he got Martin Gould - likewise, I can't imagine Mathew Stephens was overly chuffed to draw Marco Fu!

Interesting to see Alan McManus back. If he plays well, it could be an early exit for Ding.

Anonymous said...

Only 4 possible winners in my eyes:

Top half - Carter or Bingham

Bottom Half - Robertson or Ding

If I was pushed, a Bingham/Robertson final with Bingham becoming World Champion.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Stuart Bingham is thrilled that his mother has internet access.

Is it just me, or does Judd Trump draw Dominic Dale an inordinate number of times?

Anonymous said...


Doubt Shaun will be too bothered. Gould hasn't beaten him once in their six previous meetings and I don't think next week will be the first.

Matt Lester said...

I think Ronnie and Selby will be pleased with their draws. Robertson v Milkins will be an entertaining match. Will be interesting to see how Michael White and Jack Lisowski do. What a stroke of luck that both sessions of Dott v ebdon are 10am starts, wonder what the odds are on at least one of those sessions being pulled off before they've played the allocated number of frames

Jim said...

It won't be the same without Barry Pinches

Anonymous said...

714 .. Haha, nice one

Claus said...

Great draw (which I would have said no matter what I suppose..). It's been traumatic watching Doherty, White and Davis getting their butts kicked but even though no oldies dreams will come true this year I am extremely excited. 17 days off work... Finally!! It's time for a little joy in an otherwise cold and bleak existence.

Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs?

Anonymous said...

Claus - Alan McManus is an oldie! I fully expect him to go all the way.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the BBC do not spoon feed us with days of Ronnie Shmonnie discussing retirement etc.
Weve all managed without him and as a Main Tour player I haven't missed him one bit.
The tour is less tedious.

Anonymous said...

7.48 - Bingham's mum here - do you have a prediction yourself or do you simply sit on the fence?

Anonymous said...

If Ebdon and David Cameron were against a wall and I had two bullets, I'd shoot Ebdon twice.

Anonymous said...

7.48 ha ha ha,funny! Binghams mother,lol

The Blog said...

Alan McManus is back! A real blast from the past.

Anonymous said...

Mcmanus is like watching paint dry, I fear he'll really bog Ding down.

Anonymous said...


Yes in can be traumatic watching the oldies qualify.Jimmy in particular its frustrating watching him qualify,he seems to have the weight of the world on him and it shows in his play.
If he could find a way to be less tense ??
But qualifying for the WC seems to be such a hurdle and a mountain for him.
If you watch him in exhibitions he clears up with great shots and fluent play,if only he could have this mind set in these matches.
Yup,easier than said than done.
The tragedy is he still plays great shots,and great clearances in the qualifyers,but then undoes it all by throwing it away with careless shots.
Pity,still has talent but needs to find a way to harness it or he`l never make it back to Sheffield.