Judd Trump and Ding Junhui have been the season’s two heaviest scorers. Trump yesterday made his 56th century of the campaign in beating Dominic Dale 10-5. This sets a new record for a single campaign, surpassing Mark Selby’s 55 last season, but Ding, a 10-5 winner over Alan McManus, has made 53.

Trump has come good again after a few tournaments in which he failed to shine. He looked super confident against Dale and, though it’s still early days, many are already looking forward to a semi-final with Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Next for Trump, though, is Marco Fu, who felt the pressure before seeing off Matthew Stevens 10-7, having led 9-4.

Our old friend ‘clincher’s disease’ seemed to play a part here. Some players would have you believe this anxiety doesn’t exist. It does, and not just in snooker or even sport.

Put simply, it’s getting close to achieving the thing you want and, therefore, becoming worried you won’t achieve it, thus affecting your ability to achieve it.

In life it could be going over to chat someone up and fluffing your lines. In snooker it has led to many a collapse.

Anyway, Fu won and can test Trump, but the latter’s heavy scoring and reborn confidence will make him favourite.

Ding was given a battle by McManus, who will look back on the second half of the first session as his bad spell. Ding won all five of these frames, otherwise it was closely matched.

Sam Baird, like many a debutant before him, struggled last night as Stuart Bingham coasted into an 8-1 overnight lead, which he’ll be looking to convert this evening to set up a meeting with Mark Davis.

Neil Robertson and Robert Milkins return this afternoon after playing out an entertaining first session in which Robertson built a 5-2 lead with the aid of a wonderful 143 total clearance – the highest break so far – only for Milkins to close to 5-4.

Tonight it’s time once again for Poom to shake the room.

Dechawat Poomjaeng became an unlikely cult hero during his 10-9 win over Stephen Maguire and now faces Michael White, who at 21 is looking to continue his own Crucible adventure.

Has there ever been a second round match at the Crucible between two players outside the world’s top 40? Or who are each appearing in the last 16 of a ranking event for the first time?

It’s a clash of the unknown quantities. Some are saying that Poomjaeng has effectively had his final and may now struggle but it’s worth pointing out that the Thai won four matches to qualify for Sheffield and is really match fit.

The other second round match to start today features two former champions: Shaun Murphy, the winner in 2005, and Graeme Dott, who superseded him as champion in 2006.

We’re up to best of 25s now which tells you the World Championship is starting to get serious.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Marco Fu vs Judd Trump

A surprise may be on the cards depending on which Marco Fu shows up.

The one who made it look simple in eking out a 9-3 lead; or the one who played like an amateur in the next 5 frames contriving to miss simple pots and messing up almost all of his safety shots and leading one to believe Stevens might just win 10-9.

The Blog said...

Stephen Hendry holds the record for the most centuries in a (pre-Barry Hearn format) season:

"Hendry's 1994-95 record of 53 centuries."

Less tournaments/matches back then (no PTCs etc) which proves just how good Hendry was.

The Fish said...

Totally agree Dave,this is when the tournament really kicks off,best of 25 right up to the semis.On another note Jimmy white was on local radio in belfast this morning commenting that there should be a ranking event in Ireland in honour of the Hurricane.Could not agree more Jimmy,without Alex coming along when he did,where would snooker be now.Come on Barry what about it?

Anonymous said...

A surprise may be on the cards depending which Marco Fu shows up.

The one who made it look simple in eking out a 9-3 lead; or the one who contrived to miss simple pots and mess up safety shots over the next 5 frames leading one to believe Stevens might just about win 10-9.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the best of 25s, will this be the last year of the current format I wonder? I'm sure they did tinker a bit with the format in the 80s - didn't they have first to 11 once?

Anonymous said...

It would be stupid to change the format of the worlds it's a true test of who is worthy to be world champion it would sort of devalue the tournament if it did change. I love the longer frames format can't stand the PTCs best of 7 there just nothing tournaments.

Anonymous said...

Think you'll find there were 12 ranking events and a minimum of 5 invitational events that season , none of which would hve been best of 7's like the ptc.

The Blog said...

I think the BBC is underselling this year's WC. For example, why not bring back 'Shot of the Championship'. People can email/text in their top 3 based on a list of shots shown. The winner's name can be picked out of a hat (or whatever) and he/she wins free tickets to the final.

I don't get why this competition was dropped. Each year there are great shots, great 'get out of snookers', great safety shots - why not use them as part of the competition? Get the viewers involved, BBC!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Poomjaeng was once a fire eater in his native Thailand?

Anonymous said...

12.12 - The only frame format change I can recall since the mid 80's is the semis being extended from the best of 31 to the best of 33.

It will definitely change though with Hearn, although no idea when this will be.

I reckon they will go with something like:

Round 1 - Best of 17
Round 2/QF - Best of 19
Semis - Best of 25
Final - Best of 31

Anonymous said...

I expect no change out of a £50 when it comes to the O'Sullivan versus Carter match. True class will prevail and no stone should be unopened.

Anonymous said...

Tournament named after Higgins in Ireland, yes defnately.
On another note, it used to be that there were commentators and there were summarisers.
Commentators such as Clive Everton and Jack Karnehm were spot on with facts and figures etc. Summerisers such as Virgo, Thorne, Taylor and the like used to fill in with flannel and froth.
Now, there are no actual commentators. Out with accuracy and in with razzmatazz. Griffiths, Davis, Hendry, Taylor, Virgo. Not one of them fit to lace Clive Everton's boots.
They'll be operating the cameras next !

Anonymous said...

Ken Doherty has borrowed his mum's blouse and Val Doonican's cardy.

Anonymous said...

Don't remember the second round and quarter finals being anything other than best of 25.
The semi's used to be first to 16 and the final first to 18.
They are the only changes I think.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe robbie is out.


Hi David. This afternoon's session, was great, in my view.

Robertson .V. Milkins - 5-4 to robertson. Session two, in this match. Milkins wins the first two, long frames in the session, to lead, 6-5. Robertson made it 6-6. Molins led, 7-6, 8-7. and 9-8. Milkins won,10-8.Robertson, not at his best. Well done, to Milkins.

Another seeded player, the pre-tournament favourite bites the dust.

Murphy .V. Dott. The first of the matches in the last 16, over 25 frames. Session one, in this match. Murphy looked the stronger, making two century breaks. Dott, was below=parr, in my view. Murphy leads 6-2 over-night, going into tomorrow morning's second session.

I can not wait,for tonight's play.

Anonymous said...

Never seen so many empty seats at the Crucible this year.

Anonymous said...

With Robertson out, the only obstacle for O'Sullivan will be Carter.

Anonymous said...

1st real shock,Neil Robertson out.
Ronnies for the asking now

Anonymous said...

Robertson had mentally prepared for Ronnie in the final and forgot about the stuff inbetween. The bottom half of the draw looked mouthwatering a few days ago, so I'm hoping Ding goes to final so we get a proper match.

Anonymous said...

Re 1.04

"Think you'll find there were 12 ranking events and a minimum of 5 invitational events that season , none of which would hve been best of 7's like the ptc.

Eh, think you'll find there were actually nine, not 12.


Hi David. A good session, in my view, tonight.

Bingham .V. Baird. Session two. Resuming, 8-1 up, Bingham wasted little time, in winning two of the first three frames, in this sesion, to win, 10-2.

White .V. Poomjaeng, Round two match, session one. White started well, going 2-0 up. Poomjaeng won the third. 2-1. Nightmare for Poomjaeng, losing frame 4, after being called for a foul and miss, three times, white being able to directly hit a red, 3-1, to White , at the mid-session interval. Is that the first time that this has happend at Sheffield? White won the next four frames, Poomjaeng had chances. White leads, 7-1, over-night, going into tomorrow's second session.

I can not wait for more play, tomorrow.

Andrew B. said...

1992: Alan McManus (ranked 41) played Mick Price (ranked 82) in the 2nd round.

1982: Silvino Francisco played Dean Reynolds in the 2nd round; both in their first season, so their first ranking event.

jamie brannon said...

O'Sullivan once made fifty centuries in a season from just eight tournaments, underlining his status, for me, as the greatest breakbuilder we've ever seen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

O'Sullivan once missed fifty easy pots in a season from just eight tournaments, underlining his status, for me, as a good player, who has played for 3 decades to "become" NATURALY ?? talented, but still misses easy balls like us all.

Anonymous said...

Another ronnie hater here just face it he's the best player to ever pick up a cue. some people are in serious denial !!


Hi David. I just wish, to say thanks, to Phil Yates, and oe Johnson, who, while commentating on session 1, of Murphy .v. Dott yesterday, mentioned, that I informed them, yesterday, that it was 26 years, to the day, since Ray reardon, played his last match ever, at The Crucible, On 25-4-1987. Yesterday, was, 25-4-2013. Reardon lost the match in question, 13-4, to Steve Davis, in round two, the last 16, of the 1987 Embassy World Championship.