Steve Davis has now withdrawn from the Bahrain Championship, giving Dominic Dale a bye through to the quarter-finals.

The official reason given is ill health. Of course, Davis is due to play in the Premier League on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Day-long Lassa Fever ?

What's the chances of contracting that - and being rid of it by Thursday.

Idiotic world snooker

RichP said...

Surely players are required to produce a medical certificate? I guess players can obtain one of these quite easily though.

Anonymous said...

As a model professional for 30 years, there was probably a time when Steve wouldn't have been able to bring himself to make up an illness.

But seeing what other people (in particular Ronnie O'Sullivan) get away with has probably made him think he might as well say whatever suits him on this occasion, and I don't blame him.

What a fiasco this all is. Snooker has become the laughing stock of the sporting world. Or at least it would do, if the media paid any attention to it. Which they don't, because World Snooker have well and truly scuppered that with their attitude over the years.

Still, at least this Bahrain tournament is a great success. Fantastic crowds the first couple of days - some of the matches might even have made it into double figures.

Clearly the game's booming in Bahrain. It was obviously a shrewd idea to spend three years and God knows how much money to get this on, rather than wasting time trying to stage an event in a place like Germany or Poland where - heaven forbid - people might actually turn up to watch.

Dave H said...

It occurs to me that the scepticism over various player illnesses could be ended if World Snooker appointed a doctor to independently examine players who pull out claiming to be ill

This would, of course, cost money but it seems logical

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that is a good idea. But frankly I have no sympathy to World Snooker who have made a complete mess of this tournament with regards to their arrogance over scheduling!

RichP said...

On a side note Dave how has your colleague at Eurosport got a job commentating on snooker(Mike Smith). He is shockingly poor, surely there are a number of ex-pros who could do a better job. For example today he said he wasn't sure if Davis had pulled out yet, but this has been in the public domain a while today (world snooker site for example). He's commentating on television! surely he can do a bit of homework can't he? I won't even start on his knowledge of the actual game itself.

Anonymous said...

Back in the first days of the European Open in 1989 we had a debacle in Deauville. The attendances were poor and Steve Davis pulled out. Has there since been such a badly concieved tournament which has led to several potential winners being unable to play due to a clash of dates with another professional event already advertised? (I am not questionng players pulling out on the grounds of ill health although an independent doctors view would be appropriate)
The governing body is meant to support all its members (providing earning opportunities for all) and (surely) promote the game. I would suggest that treating another promoter (of snooker) with such disrespect is worthy of a charge of both 'bringing the game into disrepute' and 'damaging the image of the game while we are trying to recruit sponsors'. Perhaps Davis, Higgins, Ding and Selby could form the committee for a disciplinary hearing for the board to answer these charges and produce an appropriate judgement upon the board. This would seem to be in keeping with the way snooker has carried out its business in the past.

andy said...

His ill health would mean he's unable handle a long haul flight to Bahrain. I guess if Steve's ill, he'll pull out of the Premier League as well.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, (depending on how you look at it) it's virtually impossible for him to qualify for the latter stages of the Premier League anyway and wouldn't make any difference if he pulls out (except for making Ding's life a little easier on Thursday).

On the other hand, his health could improve Thursday morning and he may feel well enough to play Thursday evening. After all, from Brentwood to Hawyards Heath is a much more tolerable journey than flying to Bahrain for someone not feeling 100%

By the way, ...is it really true that Steve Davis is divorced?


Matt@PSB said...

Think it is true, remember reading about it a couple of years ago.

As for his illness I think it's supposed to be an ear infection which means that he can play snooker, but can't fly to Bahrain which explains why he'll be ok for the PL.

kimball said...

The paranoid would say he choose
to take his rankingpoints in the
first round before declaring beimg sick.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Andy and Matt, do you honestly, really believe Steve is sick?

Like I said before, I don't blame him for what he's done in the context of everything else, but let's not pretend he's actually sick.

I'll happily bet either of you £1,000,000 that he'll be at the Premier League on Thursday.

kimball said...

So, what does it matter.
PL is very effectively blocking the autumncalender with 10 dates.

I suppose 89 non PL players are quite happy with a new rankingtournament.

Next whine might come from world series, who also want good and more

Monique said...

There is nothing paranoid to that. He is due to play in blackpool tonight after other commitments in Blackpool this afternoon. I don't know if that could be arranged at short notice, more specifically since his ear infection began and/or after Ronnie withdrawed. Otherwise it would raise a strong suspicion that he never intended to go to Bahrain. And that Ronnie did him a big favour by pulling out ... because now he might get the 1900 points of the second round loser. While, otherwise, I doubt he could have gone there, played Ronnie yesterday evening and be back in time and in good shape....Meaning he would have got 1400 points at best.
They all play by the rules WPBSA allow them to play ...
I don't blame them.

andy said...

I never said I believed anything.

I just threw a couple of hypotheses out there. :o)


kimball said...

When was the last time Robert Milkins went to last 16?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone believes Steve is sick so the comments are meant to be filled with irony and/or sarcasm!
It's a shame that one of the few new ranking events has been spoilt by all these "illnesses."
What's the point of any new sponsors coming into the game if the Board don't respect the players/other sponsors and the players don't respect the board.
The Board need to be ousted before any further damage is done.
What was Ebdon complaining about after his match?Does the press get to see the official match sheet where the players comments/complaints are written?

Matt@PSB said...

I never said that I believed that Davis was sick, but after what Dave said the other day about not saying things that we can't prove, I was being deliberately careful :D

Anonymous said...

To fly with an ear infection is quite dangerous and for me this is a proper excuse not to take part in Bahrain. Even if Steve is playing his PL match this week doesn't mean he is not ill.

Claus Christensen said...

I just think it's a bit sad that Davis won't get a nice share of ranking points with a possible semi-final or better. I dream of seeing him return to the top 16, unlikely as that may be.

Anonymous said...

"So, what does it matter.
PL is very effectively blocking the autumncalender with 10 dates."

The point is that World Snooker gave Hearn and co the go ahead for those weeks. It's a problem entirely of World Snookers own doing and as the poster above mentioned sarcastically why the hell Bahrain and not Europe where the World Series have proven snooker to be so popular (thanks to Eurosport).

Anonymous said...

i have read this blog with interest and i note the person trying deperately to slag World Snooker off at every occasion. Is this thread not about Steve Davis and not World Snooker.

Let us not forget that World Snooker put on in excess of 9 major tournaments each year along with qulification events etc.

Their biggest so-called competitor has struggled to put 6 days of televised snooker on this year with two events cancelled, one event rescheduled until next year and the best they have to offer is a game of snooker in a Kremlin outbuilding for hand picked players and hand picked guests. No dates for next year, no major sponsors and a format known by no-one. Be honest, guys. If it was so easy, why aint you all doing it.

Lots of big promoters with big brash promises of expansion and snooker glory but little going on in the worrld if 6 days of poor snooker is the best we can get. World Snooker probably spent less time and effort on Bahrain than their competitors and produced qualifiers and snooker matches far in excess of what others have managed in three years and lets be honest, 32 of the world best or 4 of the worlds best in a gymnasium.

Easy to critisise but it is time to actually consider those who imagine themselves as the new world snooker and look at how they are ooperating. Better the devil you know snooker fans. That is if you want credible snooker played when it should be and played by all the players.

There is a difference between competition and exhibition and there is only one organisation dealing with competition, and that is World Snooker, like it or not.

Finally, people have been holding events in Europe for years, such as Brandon Parker and Thomas Cecil. The World Series sold virtually no tickets in Jersey, had sucess in Germany, due to the fact that events have been hled there for years. Had reasonable sales in Poland, and have cancelled one event in Moscow, where believe me snooker is unknown and indeed not as popular as the spin doctors proclaim.

The World Series was established to promote snooker. They have managed 6 days of snooker with little or no involvement from local associations. No qualifications took place in Jersey where local players were hand-picked.

Look at the facts snooker fans, not the hype. A World Series consisting of 3 events , six days of snooker and a final the year after with players who havent even played in the first three events.

Great promotion of snooker. The cracks are appearing and the promises are starting to fall by the wayside.

Next years dates and locations for the World Series are now 3 weeks overdue. Anyone know where they are next year?

Anonymous said...

whilst i dont agree entirely with every point made i think the above is a good post. i hope the series picks up, but i dont want it to challenge WS events. id like them to work side by side if at all possible.


Monique said...

I agree with 55 and the previous poster here, the more snooker we get, in various formats, the best. WPBSA has indeed worked to improve the number of events and certainly their task is not easy. While criticism is indeed easy.
My only concern is that hard feelings and harsh rivalries seem to exist where collaboration should prevail especially in the current difficult context. This is due to history but is nonetheless a shame.
It is also a shame that the players are finding themselves like piggy in the middle ...

Dave H said...

I'm not going to speak for Pat or John but I don't believe World Series was ever supposed to be a rival to the WPBSA circuit

The idea is to take professional snooker to countries who can't currently see it

Personally, I'd like to see it develop like the Masters series in tennis

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you David, the idea of the WSS was to promote snooker in 5 locations this year, with local qualifications at every stage.

As I have stated, there has benn successful snooker events in Germay for years, as there has been exhibitions in Jersey and indeed Poland.

A commitment and promise was made for 5 events of a set format. Thuis has not happened yet everyone seems to believe the hype.

I was in Jersey with you David and we both know, for instance, that NO local qualifications took place and the local association had no invoilvement apart from picking cherry-picking the local players and juniors.

Taking snooker to the world is a fantastic idea. I should know David. Do your homework.

However jumping on the WSS bandwagon may be a little premature for all you fans.

The WSS event was never properly organised in Moscow on the first place, even before the WS changes and I can assure you that the WSS schedule was simply a fortitus situation to alow an event to be cancelled. Is is WS fault that now another event has been cancelled?

Oh no, its the Kremlin event.

David, as one in the know, could you tell us all when we can buy tickets for the Kremlin and when we can buiy tickets for the replacement event in Moscow that has been announced everywhere. I belive it is on 22-23 of November (thats whats been announced?)

Bahrain may have started shakily but at least it started and at least it will finish to the format that was advertised and publcised.

Monique, I dont think World Snooker have any concerns in terms of rivalry as they currently have none, however it is clear from this thread that someone is using it politicvally to attack World Snooker and that is not right in a public forum thread about Steve Davis and his previous engagements.

We met in Warsaw last year Monique at the Torwar. Hope you are well and still snooker loopy x

Anonymous said...

Tickets for 22-23th November event are on sale, you can book them online.
For the event in Kremlin I think there'll be information closer to the event.

And I personally think WSS is great because it gives more chances for people to see snooker - and snooker's real stars - not only on TV screen.

As for Davis - I think he's done what he had to do.


Dave H said...

I can assure you if there's one thing I've never believed then it's hype

Here's something else I don't believe: that this blog should be a forum to fight personal battles

If you have any issues with the World Series people kindly take it up with them

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

Thank you for your last comment, myself and John obviously find it surprising when our efforts to develop snookerin these territories are slated in this way,

This particular blog is about Steve Davis but as the thread has developed I would like to say this.

The WSS is not and has no intentions of competing with World Snooker, we remain positioned as a compliment to the main tour.

We continue to speak with World Snooker and are reviewing the calender for dates that will work for all concerned. This is not easy but I am sure we will get there.

I can say that all players involved in the Series including Steve Davis have enjoyed the experience and have quoted the same in the press many times.

I must assume from the ferocity of the commments tabled the suggestion would be to cancel WSS, to ingnore the International publicty and profile moving the final to The Kremlin has brought to snooker, to give up trying and attempting to develop new markets and take risks.

I like everyone else who understand snooker and the workings behind it wish every success to the event in Bahrain and would love to see it as a perm fixture and hopefully see it develop and grow snooker in the region.

To close, There is mention of Jersey, Germany, Poland and Russia and of course The support given by Brandon and Thomas in Germany, just in case there is any doubts in anyones mind we have publicly thanked and aknowledged the essential support and experice provided by them in helping us run a very successful event in Germany and will be working again with them next year.

We as WSS have made mistakes and you wont have to look too closely to see us make many more, but we will learn from each one,

And there is one thing for sure the simple way to avoid making mistakes is to sit back do nothing and everynow and then critise the efforts of others.

Anonymous said...

well said (pat?)! most folk will support more snooker. ok it may not be as shiny as WS events to some and it may have more errors too, but you have to start somewhere and if as you say it improves then it will rise in popularity. there is room in snooker for WS, PL and WSS and even more. the problem just now is the calendar, more than any errors you make while "learning". good luck.

anyone go to the SD event in blackpool?

andy said...

I certainly wouldn't take the comments to heart too much. The majority of snooker fans know people organising more snooker to be broadcast on TV have snooker's best interests at heart.

I dare say some of the people who have commented on this post in a harsh manner believe the WSS is a good thing.

It can be so very easy to blindly criticise. And it can be so easy for the power of the pen so sound much worse than through general face-to-face conversation.

Chin up! :o)