Fergal O'Brien has become only the 27th player in snooker history to compile a century of centuries in professional competition.

Fergal made two successive tons during his 5-4 defeat to Barry Pinches in the final qualifying round of the Bahrain Championship last week.

The Dubliner turned professional in 1991 and has long been regarded as something of a grinder.

I can assure you that if that's all he is he would not have reached 100 centuries.

Let's not forget he came very close to winning the 2001 Wembley Masters, losing only after Paul Hunter's inspired comeback.

Fergal did win the 1999 British Open and was runner-up in last season's Northern Ireland Trophy.

I expect Joe Perry, currently on 91 career centuries, or Mark Selby, who has made 89 thus far, to be the next player to join this exclusive club.

Stephen Hendry remains top of the pile on 719 with Ronnie O'Sullivan on 544.


Anonymous said...

yes, but in terms of time at the table in making those centuries, he probably took as long to make 100 as Hendry did to make all of his his.
Always wondered why he was never sponsored by Dulux or Flymo ... a definate connection between him and watching paint dry or grass grow

Anonymous said...

I don't think Fergal's the slowest! In fact, now that we have the average time per shot at major tournaments, is it possible to produce an indication of statistically who the slowest players of this era are? And it the Stattos really want to enjoy themselves, how this compares to the 70s and 80s.

Dave H said...

The point is, he's an attacking player who plays relatively slowly

Sports take all sorts and Fergal deserves praise, not sniping

Anonymous said...

remember when he beat Hawkins 10-9 at the crucible? an amazing victory

Matt@PSB said...

By my reckoning it took him 18 years, second only to Willie Thorne who took 19 years to make a hundred 100's. Still a great achievement though.

Surprises me that Jimmy White took 12 years to get that many actually.

Anonymous said...

as dh says, fergal isnt that defensive. he is not too attacking either imho. he is well balanced but does take his time between shots, even when "attacking"

wd ferg

Anonymous said...

By my rekoning he as only been a pro 17 years.