Unlikely as it may seem, the Bahrain Championship could return to the calendar next season.

The event was not regarded as a success. The crowds were tiny, a scheduling clash with the Premier League kept some top stars away and it cost World Snooker a fortune.

However, Shaikh Abdulla bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, president of the Bahrain Billiards and Snooker Association, has revealed he is putting together a bid to get the tournament on again in February of next year.

"We are currently working on getting our spot on the calendar and I'm very positive we can come to an agreement soon," he told the Gulf Daily News.

"We want to be a part of the World Snooker season and they want us to be there as well.

"Snooker is a very popular game around the world, especially here in the Middle East.

"Hopefully, we can get our deal done in the coming weeks and be included on next season's calendar, and hopefully we can begin our planning for a bigger and better tournament this time."

If Shaikh Abdulla can come up with the money to stage the event and it therefore doesn't cost World Snooker anything then the governing body should agree. The more tournaments the better.

However, I understand certain assurances were made last year that apparently failed to materialise.

If I were a betting man I'd say Neil Robertson will be holding on to his trophy for many years to come.


Monique said...

I understood from snooker scene that the cost of Bahrain was one of the reasons why a very interesting proposal regarding the Malta Cup was turned down by the WPBSA. Is that right or did I misunderstand?
I've also heard rumours that the Maltese organisers might well reiterate their offer, even for Malta as a ranker ...
Now if the Sheik's plan were successfull Bahrain would take the Malta traditional calendar spot.

Can you throw any light on all this?

TBH based on history I'd rather trust the Maltese ...
Both of course would be better, if nothing clashes with other events. It's not correct that other events should be canceled or players should be forced to withdraw because of last minute additions decided unilaterally, even if it's ranking.

Meredith(MaccaMeri) said...

I don't think World Snooker should finance the event until it can be gradually proven to be a draw and a wise investment. It seems more logical to consider other venues or consintrate on established venues to try and pull in more attention and crowds. Why risk losing more money when other opportunities are availible?

Anonymous said...

"Snooker is a very popular game... ...especially here in the Middle East."

Did Shaikh Abdulla get misquoted?

jamie brannon said...

Dave or anyone, can you give me a list of events that are on prior to the season's start on August 3rd.

Janie said...

some of the events of interest during the summer featuring various pros and other international players include:

World Series - Killarney - this weekend
German Open (Paul Hunter Classic) 13-16 August (yeah okay that's after 3 August!)
The Paul Hunter English Open. I'm awaiting final confirmation but very much looks as though this will run last week of July at Northern Snooker Centre.
Won last year by Xiao Guodong Dong.

The Sangsom 6-reds is in July in Thailand featuring at least 40 of the main tour pros

The World Games with snooker, pool, carom is on 22-26 July.

We'll be covering all these events on Global Snooker and I'm sure Dave will be keeping everyone up to speed on here.

There is also still the European Championship and Euro Plays Offs which will provide 2 more main tour nominations. That's 1-15 June in Duffel in Belgium.

England have their finals weekend 23-24 May at the Academy in Sheffield, kindly sponsored by Jury's Inns.
and the following weekend is their Play offs for their second Main Tour slot.

SOme other countries still have to finalise their season before we know for sure who their Main TOur nomination will be.
Scotland is this weekend. Wales is also, but we already know that Michael White is Number One.
Ireland also have to play their championship before we know who their number one will be.

so lots going on as usual!!

Nico said...

There's also the Jiangsu Classic (Invitational) in China, from June 3 to 7 apparently, hope it will be on TV, some...

And thanks Janie for the infos on all these other events!

Anonymous said...

@ Monique / anyone really...

if events are already booked that are not WS events they have been done so prior to the WS official calendar being finalised. if WS can get (ranking) events on during the course of the season then it should, even if it clashes with some other tours dates. the other tours should book theres after the WS official calendar is concreted. i do not think in any way should WS have to not run a (ranking) tournament because some other tour has booked dates further in advance than they have. just my opinion, but IMO the other tours etc know the WS official calendar isnt done yet and so if they have booked dates that cant be moved, then that is their own fault, and unlucky. i do think WS should work with the other tours, but i DO NOT THINK that entails WS having to reschedule their own calendar if other groups book far away in advance.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps to illuminate people on how difficult it would be to wait for WS to finalise their calendar before organising other events, we can reflect on some of the late decisions made by WS in the past... The Irish Snooker Open of 1998 for example, which was announced a few weeks before it happened... For people actively trying to get audiences to events, it's a good idea to plan further in advance.

jamie brannon said...

Thanks, Janie yes plenty to look at results wise but hopefully someof it will be available to watch.

Anonymous said...

So Janie, nothing interesting at all then.

Anonymous said...

Fine Art Method if you are going to post rubbish on just about every snooker blog/forum and article you should at least find something new to post.

Jenna said...

This Shaikh Abdollar sounds like the right person to raise the money.

Jenna x

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:52

I made the post before yours. I was meaning the concreted calendar at the start of the season. Any changes after that should be on a work with basis with other tournament organisers, as i mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Jenna said...
This Shaikh Abdollar sounds like the right person to raise the money.

Joanna x

9:07 PM

i get it Jo.

Jenna said...

Yes was deliberate this time after all the comments.

Jenna x

Joanna said...

id have been worried if it was prior to them. would have made me think of the tv series 'Lost'.

Joanna x

Anonymous said...

You're always putting names that are deliberately spelt wrong Jenna, don't you get bored of it cus it sure does me and the rest of us on here, who can see right through you WUM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

that post is a work of ART

Monique said...

I was going to answer about reasonable scheduling by WPBSA but someone else did already. Yes they should wait until WBPSA finalises its calendar but that should be done reasonably aheadd of the start of the main season. Otherwise it's just making it impossible for any others to plan anything. And if last minute eventsare added great, but then they should not be ranking unless no clashes happen.

BTW last season Matchroom had asked WPBSA about the calendar and they had got a green light... what more could they have done?
Once venues are booked and television broadcasts are scheduled it's almost impossible to reschedule.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all;

This is away from the initial subject but, was wondering if any readers of this blog subscribe to Cuesport magazine.

I have for a number of years now but, haven't received my March 2009copy (my subscription expires in August!)and no subsequent copies.

I have sent several e-mail's to no avail, if you are a subscriber are you encountering these probs?


Anonymous said...

i totally disagree with you Monique. WS have every right to try to fill up the calendar with their events and so should try to do so right up until the start of the season. it isnt always their fault if delays in concreting there calendar happen. after that then they should work with other tours/tournaments, but not before. IMO

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9:14

Same problem here - I haven't received any CueSport magazine since the Jan/Feb issue although my subscription runs through June... I have asked them to (re)send the missing copies, so I am now waiting for that.


Anonymous said...

This "Jenna" has multiple names on here, and other snooker forums and blogs too !

wildJONESEYE said...

Anonymous whoever you are 3 post up

A Calender should be finalise a good few months before a season starts so it gives a opertunity for indipendants like Barry Hearn or the World Series to organise venues and dates around them..

it was a farce last season when there was problams surrounding dates on a tour that has so little tournaments.

wildBULLSEYE said...

I agree wid ya brutha wild

wildJONESEYE said...

i think its sad when people post anonymous or just act like pratts.

wildBULLSEYE said...

We agree agen bruv xxx

Janie said...

ROFL @ anonymous FIne Mess Method - that's brightened my day immensely!!

FAM or now FMM is a total load of ****!

And if I see their deranged posts once more on here or anywhere else slagging off The Griff then I'll personally sue them for defamation and libel.

rant over!

Janie said...

re mention of Jiangsu event. I've not got any information about this year's event so if anyone can provide any I'd be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

With regards the calendar, shouldn't the WSA follow the way F1run their schedule. They always have a long term contract with venues and start negotiating a new one with the venue with a year or two to go.

It seems we can do this with the Crucible, but anywhere else - its a problem, and it leaves a case of is it or isn't it (tournament x) on?

Why is that?

Thanks, Joe

PS - Shanghai Masters is on next season, isnt it? As the BBC snooker calendar doesn't think it is.

PPS - Cheers, Matt, for the info of players on tour next season.

Anonymous said...

Janie, so he can post bad stuff about John Parrott but not Terry?

Anonymous said...


i obviously disagree with your opinion, as the opinion i posted is totally different to yours.

i think one thing, you think another. :)

wildJONESEYE said...

No problem blud 6:41

John (Fine Mess Method) said...


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Anonymous said...

Keep um coming guv'nor FMM, can you answer how you play with your balls in a superior way?

John (Fine Mess Method) said...

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Jenna said...

To the person who said I have lots of names on other snooker forums and blogs, Ive not joined this TSF forum or any other blogs. Only other blog I know of is Matts blog and I dont even read that often and have never posted there. With the comments Im getting here theres probably no point bothering joining anything else anyway.

Dont see what the big issue is and why u have to keep picking on me. If it gets on ur nerves that Ive spelled a few names wrong then thats ur problem. Obviously u would rather read some of the other rubbish thats posted here. Just above my post now is someones rubbish filthy post, obviously u dont have any problem with that. Hopefully Dave will see it and delete. Then a bit further up we have someone talking to themselves. Not to mention Mr Hey You and this other person pretending to be him. But of course thats all ok. Its probably u who is writing that stuff coz u have not complained about it.

Dont u have better things to do? I come on to discuss snooker but whatever I say u always find something to critisize. Have hardly posted much for days but ur still obviously having some sort of issue. Think u need to calm down and stop getting stressed over a few spelling mistakes. You call me a WUM which I found out what it meant from an earlier post, but how am I doing that when I cant have made more than 3 posts over the last few days? Obviously in ur mind Im some sort of expert WUM coz I can come on here and make only 1 post which obviously drives u crazy. Paranoid. There are better things to do than try to figure out hidden meanings from the posts of some girl on some random snooker blog. But if it makes you feel like a clever detective then carry on making your comments, I dont mind.

Jenna x

Anonymous said...

A few spelling mistakes Noel Robertson, John Virgin, Ken Doughtys, Stephen Davis, Shaikh Abdollar, etc.etc. Hardly a few is it. You have also posted "Isnt full marks that nit shampoo?"

wildJONESEYE said...

i did not post No problem blud 6:41...

god it is flattering being impersonated but also very sad

Anonymous you dont think it was a farce the fact they droped in a tournament on players that had another comitment despite the fact the snooker calender has more holes in it than fishnet stockings ?

Anonymous said...

Know alot about fishnet stockings then wild ;)

Jenna said...

The Abdollar one was deliberate if uve bothered to read what I said properly. A joke seeing as u always give me stick for spelling. Full marks nit shampoo, well it is a nit thing, that was also a joke. Didnt realise we had to be completely serious on here especially with small points like that. Im sure ppl reading actually realised what Dave wrote actually had nothing to do with nits. Obviously u must have been confused for a little while. Sorry about that.

Jenna x

wildJONESEYE said...


dont worry about spelling .

its overated and only sados really worry about it..this is a snooker page not english litrature and even if it was english litrature some people have to move with the times and not being stuck in the middle ages http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7546975.stm

Anonymous said...


i dont. :)

Anonymous said...

WildJONESEYE are they hold up fishnet's you wear or do you wear suspender's? :D

Chris said...

It would be good to see the Bahrain Championship on the calendar again. Not only is there difficulty in getting it on the calendar, there's difficulty in making it a worthwhile event. Snooker fans at home would enjoy watching it on TV, but as far as a World Snooker tournament goes it wasn't so successful last year. I'd rather see a more successful tournament elsewhere than an unsuccessful one in Bahrain.

Anonymous said...

id rather see bahrain given the opportunity to grow, just like last weeks WSS finals grew. i reckon it would become a great event and if it becomes a regular in the calendar then more folk may go there from europe for a holiday and to watch the snooker.