And the last last word on the final: the last session attracted an average viewing audience of 3m, which is impressive considering the match was all but over.

This was the number of people watching on BBC2 so does not include online, digital interactive or Eurosport viewers.

Last year's final, which was also over quickly, drew an average of 3.4m for its final session so it isn't unreasonable to assume the figure would have grown had either match been closer.

This is one of the quandries for BBC schedulers. They expect their best audience post 10pm so start the finals at 8pm hoping it will finish after around two hours.

But, of course, close finals can go on so long that they finish after midnight and millions turn off.

The press coverage this morning was healthy, which is a consequence of the early finish.


Anonymous said...

Whilst the final was a bit of an anticlimax the tournament overall was the best ever, in particular the quarter final lineup was awesome with a winner hard to pick.
Dave, do we know when next season's calendar will be officially confirmed?

Anonymous said...

some of it is confirmed already

Anonymous said...

What's this about Tim Darby being commissioned to write a report about the sport's future? Any info Dave?

Dave H said...

As far as I'm aware he's been brought in to look at ways of making snooker more spectator friendly, as he helped to do for the PDC darts

I think it's an encouraging move because it's an admission that things need to change

Dave H said...

And the pre-Christmas dates for the WPBSA tour are:

Sep 7-13: Shanghai Masters
Oct 3-11: Grand Prix
Dec 5-13: UK Championship

Anonymous said...


Do you know will the Grand Prix be in Glasgow again? Also, I listened to your and Phil's podcast predicting the first round scores last night again just to see who got most right (I know I'm quite sad really).

Phil won 11-10 as far as I counted for the first round winners. However, you were doing brilliantly and predicted the first 8 winners right correctly before having a bit of a collapse in the second half of the draw!

It was also great to see you getting a mention on the BBC coverage by Ray Stubbs with your stats.

Hope you're all doing well at Snooker Scene.


Matt said...

I did a little table during the tournament here including mine as well, I think that Phil does come out of it the best. The less said about the third quarter the better!


Sammy said...

I came last in the BBC 606 prediction contest (43rd).
Here's some predictions for next season:
David Morris will qualify for most events.
Ford, Trump and Holt will win their first ranking events.
Parrot will retire.

Ruthie said...

I always think the day after the championship would be a great time for World Snooker to announce some new events. It never happens. The BBC coverage likes to encourage the myth that everyone now puts their feet up until the Grand Prix. How soon before everyone is putting their feet up until the following season's world championship? Apologies for the downbeat message, but am in snooker withdrawal... Wish there was a webcam at the PIOS.

Anonymous said...

Snooker is back on eurosport this Friday 6:45pm uk time world series.

Alex said...

Just to note, the live stream I watched of the final session online had about 2000 viewers throughout, and it was one of a few on Justin.tv.

It's kind of hard to get BBC or Eurosport in Australia.

Oneball said...

Has anyone seen the papers today? I've scoured the websites of the common daily's and have been pretty shocked at the ignorance within.

The Sun is the only article with any merit, focussing on Higgins World Series and has him mentioning Lucas Brecel and others in a nice plug for his event. This is why the right man won the World crown this year because he's in a good position to use it to his advantage and help spread the game globally.

The Times has some half cocked rubbish about who is better, Alex Higgins or John Higgins in what is clearly a journalist without anything to say and deadline to reach.

The Mail is rather bizarre and focusses on fitness in snooker. Why?

The Mirror is shocking in its accuracy. Half the article is about a "special needs child" who was taken ill during the Mark Allen match where Higgins was fighting to stay alive! I was there and I was also there in the Jamie Cope match where it really happened and it wasn't a child! And Higgins wife couldn't have inspired his last frame decider against Selby because there was no break between frames for him to read any texts!

And the Daily Star mentions Shaun Murphy winning the title 3 years when in fact it was 4 years ago.

So much lazy journalism and this is the sort of rubbish the general public are reading and making their minds up about snooker from!

Sammy said...

I read the mail.

Anonymous said...

ive read so much about the FAM on here that id like to read a blog on it by Dave, detailing truths and facts (and not some raving loony ramblings)

jamie said...

Not bad viewing figures in the main, but I thought Ronnie got 4.2 million but that may have been the peak. If you look at Barb website you can see how the whole tournament faired viewing figures wise.

jamie said...

I read your top four Dave and I agree in the Crucible era, I thought I might have to get oddly over defensive if you had put John ahead of Ronnie! I had my argument prepared! To me the problem with assessing all time snooker greats is where do you put the likes of Fred Davis, Joe Davis,John Pulman and Ray Reardon as the game is so moved on from their era. Did you not include them because you have never really seen them as I imagine you are not that old, or just their standard was not up there or particularly in the case of Fred, Joe and John Pulman that they did not have to usually win more than two matches to become champion?

Dave H said...

It's impossible really to compare eras as standards improve. It's entirely possible that Joe Davis would have been good enough to compete today but impossible to prove, so you can only put into context what each acheived in their respective eras based on the level of competition they faced.

Reardon would be in the top ten because he dominated an entire decade. Perhaps Joe Davis would have to be as well.

That said, so too would Mark Williams, Alex Higgins and Jimmy White.

And all the others. There could be a lot of players tied for tenth.

Anonymous said...

spot on dave!

Jenna said...

1.26pm what is FAM?

Jenna x

Anonymous said...

i cant tell you Gemma. sorry

Corben Gallas said...

I assume it's the Fine Art Method, Jenna.

jamie said...

Yes for me Reardon would be in there like you say he dominated a decade when the game was beginning to get the structure it has now. Joe has to be partly because of the hige number of World's and he remained unbeaten. Also he is in some ways the games godfather. No dispute on Williams and Alex who for me is the games most influential player ever. I know this may cause controversy but White would miss out for me, mainly for not winning that World title. I know he was an amazing talent, and won over 20 titles including a UK and a Masters but ultimately a measure of greatness is getting it done on your chosen sports biggest stage.For me he is top of the list below great players, which is still not a bad place to be as I still have above him Parrott, Ebdon, Doherty and Taylor. There was a book a few years ago that did a list on this I forget what it was called Hendry was on top.

Jenna said...

K thanks Corben. I assume thats what that Mr Hey you guy is always on about. Never understand it.

Jenna x

Anonymous said...

Jenna you have only been on Dave's blog for a fortnight, but you know all about mr hey you.

Jenna said...

I dont know much about him but have read maybe 5 of his posts which I think all mentioned this fine art Joe Davis blah blah. They seem to be deleted so guess hes an enemy or something of Dave. Dont have much clue what hes on about but obviously its not something to discuss here otherwise he wouldnt be deleted.

Jenna x

Jenna said...

And have just seen another post of his.

Jenna x

high hopes said...

Any news on the quarter final draw Dave, supposedly made on Thursday night by the Portugese Tourist Board??