I regard John Higgins as a class act.

The way he played to win his first world title in 1998 is as good as anyone has ever played. I thought then that he would dominate the game in the same way Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry did.

It didn't quite work out that way but there's no doubt that, as an all round player, he can claim to be as good as anyone who has ever picked up a cue.

John has perhaps struggled when it comes to applying himself. He's a family man and has enjoyed fatherhood. There was a telling quote from him in a recent interview: "When I'm on my deathbed I don't think I'll look back and wish I'd spent more time on a snooker table."

Even so, a third world title is honing into view and it will take some performance to deny him.

You could argue he should have won three, four or maybe even five world titles by now. This isn't a criticism of him, more an acknowledgment of how good a player he is.

He leads Mark Allen 6-2 overnight and I would expect him to come through.

Shaun Murphy and Neil Robertson are tough opponents but Higgins seems to be getting better with every frame.

This makes him hard to beat as the Crucible marathon enters its final strait.


Anonymous said...

He is looking so formidable, and he can sustain it as well. At the moment it is looking like a one horse race for the title but I am sure there will be more twists and turns.

kimball said...

Totally different topic, but the bet is for a pint and we need a sure answer.
Free ball, potting yellow(as red) and yellow ,then 15 reds and blacks = 150 p.
A maximum or not?

Dave H said...


A maximum is either 147 or 155

kimball said...

Thank,s Dave.

I,ll have a stout!

Claus Christensen said...

Dave, you are right about Higgins. With John leading 13-3 we might see Davis do some trick shots in the time slot for what would have been the final session.. What a performance.

Anonymous said...

Higgins is probably sick of battling to the last frame and closing shop at 1am. Now he is in the thick of the business from the word go.

Anonymous said...

Higgins is far too good a match player to lose to either of the other two semi-finalists. It could be a one sided final albeit closer than last year. Maybe 18-12, 18-13 something like that.

The same would've happened had Mark Selby beaten Higgins.