Allison Fisher is the greatest player in the history of women's snooker.

She is now a leading light of the US pool circuit and tells her story in today's Observer.

Read it here.


JohnMcBrideIRE said...

I remember first seeing Alison Fisher play up in the Norbreck Castle hotel. The lady was well known at the time & its interesting to read how well the lady has done in Pool since.

Nice to see that she is happy now in her personal life too.

In Sport,

John McBride

Anonymous said...

go on the fish


Anonymous said...

The best of the three Fisher sisters in my opinion, followed by Mandy and Kelly.

Betty Logan said...

Hmmm, so Steve Davis was her doubles partner, Hendry and John Parrott treated her like a "player" and Jimmy White was "wonderful".

On the otherhand Neal Foulds, Tony Drago and Mike Hallett were "not happy at all. They have big egos and a lot of the guys couldn't cope with losing to a female".

Those two groups of players are a class apart really, and not just in terms of being gentlemen...

jamie brannon said...

Interesting piece, how come she never made it onto the main tour if she could mix it with the men like she did in the league? Also I wonder how Reanne Evans would have fared against in her pomp?

Dave H said...

She was on the tour. Highest ranking 192.

jamie brannon said...

192? When was this probably before my time as Im only used to the 96 man tour really. Was then when it was open to everyone and they went to that place in Blackpool for the qualifiers?

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Miz Logan or Betty
Allison Fisher was a good player amongst women players. As well as beating some pro players, the lass was beaten more often by "Club Players" than she had victories over pro's.
I have watched both Allison and her friends Karen Corr and Kelly Fisher compete and then disappear to America.
Ladies snooker will always be a great apprenticeship for American pool. All three girls have been champions at pool but not here in Blighty against ex-snooker players. Mr hey you
Ps Having a heavy upper structure in women is no longer an excuse for inferior skill, there is an alternative "Stance and Balance” that can be adopted. DM

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mr Post 12-28PM
I think that Dave's post should know that the Fisher girls were not sisters nor were they related.
Mandy Fisher was the only one that could have made money at snooker as exhibition games were in great demand in her time.
The later Fisher girls had to compete with male players and some lads would guarantee a century break or money back at exhibitions; this the girl players couldn’t do.
The trouble with the ladies game was the girls tried to copy and play as good as men instead of finding a different method that would exceed the male game.
Not one female player ever challenged a century break player and was proud to be compared to a good male club player.
The ladies excuse was always there “Upper Structure” and no one ever considered creating a different cue action that would allow the fist holding the cue butt to pass the chest or ladies beast. Mr hey you