World Snooker has hired the Essentially Group, a leading media services agency, to sell sponsorship for the UK Championship, Masters and Welsh Open.

All three tournaments are currently without title sponsors, as was last month’s Grand Prix.

“World Snooker is looking forward to working closely with Essentially to extend our sponsorship marketing activities. Our tournaments provide sponsors with uniquely clean, creative branding opportunities and deliver considerable brand exposure throughout the UK, Mainland Europe and the Far East,” said Miles Pearce, World Snooker’s commercial director.

“Essentially is delighted to be working with World Snooker and look forward to delivering new sponsorship for the best snooker tournaments in the world, being broadcast to significant audiences on BBC and internationally,” said Nick Hoyle, sales director of Essentially.

The current global economic situation makes obtaining sponsorship difficult.

Snooker’s image – as Ronnie O’Sullivan pointed out last January – is not as strong as some other sports, despite healthy viewing audiences and the rise in interest in the game in Europe and the Far East.

If Essentially can navigate these tricky waters and find some much needed sponsors then they will be worth whatever they are being paid.


Monique said...

Well this could be a good move. After all selling advertising is a professional trade in its own right, and a very specialised one, and maybe going for professional services in the field is the way to go.
Targetting a broader audience by exposing more ladies/amateurs/veterans snooker would be another one as it would broaden the variety of possibly interested sponsors.

Anonymous said...

All the best to them - but it says a lot about the current state of the game that this isn't even reported on worldsnooker.com

Eric said...

@ anon 1:30 PM

Agree! Essentially Group released a press statement on this on Oct. 26 so, after 2 weeks, you would expect worldsnooker.com to have reported something as well...

Anonymous said...

But then they wouldn't report it would they because it may make them look like there's something they are not good at! lol

Monique said...

@Anon 1:30 I don't think it says anything about the state of the game but it says a lot about the way it is run!

Anonymous said...

Pity they didn't hire a venue for the Pro Challenge that had an internet connection!!

Anonymous said...

Snoker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
Great show, this will create a magic blog for you and some original ideas for Essentially to work from.
The point missed Dave is that TV snooker has a sell buy date and as Ronnie said the game needs first Entertaining snooker.
Maybe Ronnie was wrong and the game only needs sponsors. Time will tell.
I wonder Dave if these new lads are "Snooker Wise". Snooker is a strange industry.
Many people Dave, dont know, WHAT they dont know. Mr hey you

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd banned this Fine Art bore?

Anonymous said...

All this means is that if you want to sponsor a snooker event you have to go through Essentially to do it. But guess what - no-one wants to sponsor snooker, as there's 4 ranking events without one!

Anonymous said...

a very sensible move form WPBSA imo
and great to hear that they're finally ready to admit they are not good at promoting the game

JOHN B said...

A mate of mine works for a gaming company that are currently looking to sponsor UK based sports. They were contacted by Essentially a couple of weeks ago who tried to flog them the Welsh Open. My friend was interested enough to investigate it as a vehicle for client entertainment. He took one look at the Newport Centre and guess what. Would you take your company's important clients there -I thought not.

I'm old enough to remember the days at the New London Theatre, why oh why can't the WSA pick a decent venue rather than aircraft hangar exhibition halls and 1970s leisure centres. I know cost is an issue, but commercial theatres are crying out for productions and will willingly cut a deal on a rev share basis.

RichP said...

The last poster makes a very good point. I can't see essentially having as many problems getting sponsors for the Masters as that's a decent venue in central London. But the Welsh Open being screen only on Welsh TV in a leisure centre isn't such an attractive proposition when money is so tight. These may be good venues for a snooker tournament in terms of logistics but in terms of corporate hospitality they aren't practical and that's where the money is.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hi Dave
If these "ESS" miracle men do find a sponsor for only that one specific tournament! Does Sir Rodney next year get a great "hand out" for renewing that contract too?
The BBC contract is “Nailed On” or TV snooker would not exist, Yet Sir Rodney likes to be there to see the renewal signing, when he could send Elaine the company secretary or even a lesser board member for free.
Should there not be a more transparent method of employing further staff. And under what conditions are the ESS men employed? Are these new lads on pay right away or “Payment by results” Who Guards the Guard Dave at World Snooker? Mr hey you

PS. The job if necessary should have been on open offer. Maybe, Barry Hearne, Ian Doyle, or young Mister Higgins, the current snooker man of bright ideas would have applied.. DM

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
Thanks for the post, I think you are “pushing the boat out” but definitely showing courage. It is apparent Dave that these “New People” are being asked or instructed to do something that the World Snooker Board is afraid to do.
I honestly thought that your blog Dave would be full of meaningful ideas, as your posts are very chatty, especially the female members with there strong opinions.
There is so much that could be offered by the players, yet they are disgustingly quiet on the subject. There seems to be a “Conspiracy of Silence” as if everyone has given up or afraid to say the wrong thing.

The Company Secretary Mrs Elaine Eyers at W/S rebuked the SPA for questioning W/S and Sir’s authority. Though you were not present Dave nor seen the said letter. The letter would not be counter signed by ANY member of the WPBSA board.

If anything should go wrong at World Snooker the axe and blame will fall on Elaine. There seems to be a culture Dave of “Don’t sign Anything” at W/S, except of course to renew existing contracts. Mr hey you