The Independent has an interview with Sir Rodney Walker in which he talks about the new tour plans.

You can read it here.


snookerfanatic said...

Hi Dave

This article is very encouraging because it contains quotes from Adam Kelly, the marketing director of IMG Sport Media which gives the whole concept more gravitas.

Would it be possible for you gain Clive Evertons thoughts on todays revelations? Maybe he could write a blog entry for you, after all it's called "Snooker Scene blog" :)

I would rather not have to wait until January's Snookerscene magazine editorial (bearing in mind Decembers must already be at the printers) to read the great mans thoughts.


Anonymous said...

id much rather just 'hear' daves views, since its his blog and he is a polite man

Anonymous said...


Clive's article for the Guardian.

snookerfanatic said...

We hear Dave's views all the time and naturally if he weren't around I would want to know his views on these events but I also want to hear Clives views.

Yes after I wrote that I read the article in the Guardian, however he always tones it down for that publication. I'm sure Dave can sort something out.

Anonymous said...

all i meant was i wasnt overly bothered about 'listening' to clive, while on here.

am i allowed that opinion Anon?

thought so. ta

cueball said...

Smartarse!!! The place could do without people like you too!